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Broadcaster Features

Aug 24, 2022

In conversation with: Serena Stucke of Testu Collective

Testu Collective are a NYC-based intermedia art group founded by Dan Tesene and Serena Stucke in 2017. The collective creates experimental videos, concept soundtracks, and audiovisual installations/performances. We recently spoke with Serena to learn more about her. As one half of Testu Collective, she’s an artist that creates sonic & visual worlds exploring perception through experimentation with materiality and spatiality.

Aug 17, 2022

In conversation with: Ronnie Loko

Ronnie Loko is a musician & DJ currently based in London, UK – and a regular on the Blast Radio airwaves. His signature sound is a blend of different sub-genres of Trap and House music, but he’s known to experiment with a variety of different electronic sounds. We recently spoke with Ronnie to learn more about his setup, his music, and what inspires him. Read on to learn more about the man behind the broadcast. 

Aug 12, 2022

In conversation with: Sadnoise

Femi Flaming, better known by his artist persona of Sadnoise, is an architecture student at RISD with a focus on acoustics and programming sound. For the past 5 years, he’s been making experimental electronic music, starting mostly by making house and overtime evolving into designing his own sounds as opposed to using samples.  If you missed it, Sadnoise recently graced the Blast Radio airwaves as part of our Summer Series. On the broadcast he played music from his previous and upcoming release, as well as some songs that have heavily influenced the music he is interested in creating recently. He talked about gear, the importance of modular synthesis in his production workflow, and its relation to the idea of data birds. We recently spoke with him to learn more about his taste, inspirations, and what he’s got going on. Read on to learn about the man behind the broadcast. 

Aug 4, 2022

In conversation with: Miss Tahloulah May

Miss Tahloulah May is a modular synthesist and composer that uses DAWless workflow and has a signature sound mixing techno, electro, and hip hop. Originally born in Paramaribo, Surinam, she moved to Holland at the age of 5 and grew up in a music-filled household, birthing her love of the art and the start of her journey analyzing sounds.   These days, she uses her modular system (nicknamed SapG), drum machines, and live drums to make music. She chose modular synthesis because of the endless creative possibilities, the challenges, and the authenticity it brings.

Jul 27, 2022

In conversation with: Dank Zappa

A very fun recent addition to the Blast Radio airwaves, Dank Zappa has been rocking speakers and, in their own words, “Turning your old favorite songs into your new favorite song.” Known for eclectic mashups and tunes to make you dance (and scratch your head until you figure out the samples he’s using), Dank Zappa is a pleasure to the ears and the mind.  We recently spoke with them to learn more about the artist behind the mash up.

Jul 22, 2022

In conversation with: Professor Jeffy

Hitting the digital airwaves live from the ‘Cosmic Conservatory’ in Pittsburgh, PA every Monday night, Professor Jeffy brings both an inspirational story and a crate-digger’s dreamland of classic tracks.  A retired attorney and lifelong music collector, Jeff has survived two bouts with cancer and is not battling a third (which he explained is why he’s currently short on hair). Having gotten a bit stir crazy between cancer treatments and the COVID lockdown, Jeff has turned to Blast Radio as a way to pass that the time and get in touch with his extensive music collection. 

Jul 15, 2022

In conversation with: Elijah Bossenbroek

Elijah Bossenbroek is primarily a piano composer, but he also loves to dabble in synths and sound creation. Under the username Bossenbroek, he’s become a Blast Radio crowd favorite through his weekly live piano improvisations. We recently spoke with Elijah to learn more about him, his taste, his inspirations, and what he’s got going on. Read on to learn about the man behind the keys.

Jul 8, 2022

In conversation with: Ryan Egan

Ryan Egan is an American artist, songwriter and music producer based in Paris, France. He’s been a regular on the Blast Radio airwaves, debuting his new album Soft Power back in April and following it with a series of shows highlighting his favorite artists from around the world.  We recently spoke with Ryan to learn more about him, his taste, his inspirations, and what he’s got going on. Read on to learn about the man behind the voice. 

Jun 7, 2022

Announcing: The Zola Jesus Diaries

Starting next Tuesday, Zola Jesus (Nika Danilova) will launch The Zola Jesus Diaries, a three episode residency where she will take listeners through her favorite songs past and present, discuss her influences, and give an in depth track-by-track overview of her new album “Arkhon,” which will be released on June 24, 2022.

Mar 22, 2022

Sunday Dinner Records Help Set the Table

Since 2017, Dallas-based independent hip hop label Sunday Dinner Records has been quietly assembling a Michelin-class roster of producers and MCs looking to elevate our palates. Lately, the label, along with a growing cadre of its roster, have been serving up curated portions of audio nourishment on the Blast Radio airwaves aimed at restoring the body and its metaphysical reflections.

Mar 21, 2022

Notable Broadcasts: Week of 3/14/2022

Here’s a recap of some notable broadcasts from last week, featuring Au Contraire, DFNS, Ghostpoet, Hotwaxx, Six Missing, Thirty Minute Jams, and Terrence Parker.

Mar 14, 2022

Notable Broadcasts: Week of 3/07/2022

Here’s a recap of some notable broadcasts from last week, featuring Andu Simion, Dru Ruiz, Eric Uh, Paul Dufrene, pvkvsv, Simona Zamboli, Snax, and Serena Stucke (Testu Collective).
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