On Blast Radio, I can broadcast what I care about right now, and do so in an environment built for high resolution audio - where it sounds great, isn’t restricted by low res algorithms, and isn’t competing against a world of curated selfies and cat videos.”

Carl Craig, Grammy-nominated composer and critically acclaimed DJ 

Broadcast what you want, when you want, as often as you want.

Blast Radio is your space to experiment and be creative. Broadcast studio-quality, live audio with one button.

All content expires after 24 hours so it’s a low pressure way to experiment and play anything you want without worrying about it existing forever.

Simply connect Blast Box device to your turntable, mixer, mic, or other gear using an RCA cable and be broadcasting LIVE in minutes.

Audio is captured in lossless and streamed to the listener in highest available sound quality.

Some of the artists on Blast Radio:

Carl Craig

Matthew Dear


Luke Slater


Black Girl / White Girl

Sam Binga



The Juan MacLean


Kiara Scuro


DJ Bus Replacement Service


Girls of the Internet

Nikki Nair


Locked Groove




New Commute

Olive Tonic


Cool Maritime



Emily Elhaj

Diligent Fingers

Featured broadcasts on Blast Radio:

Hear what artists play when no one's watching.

Blast Radio is the audio platform to hear directly from the artists you love, daily.

The artists we know and love are creating all the time, but we only get to hear a fraction of that content.

From DJ sets to daily B-sides, sneak peaks of new material to live experimentation, on Blast artists have the freedom to broadcast content they may never publish elsewhere.  

All content expires in 24 hours, so you're hearing what matters right now.

Download Blast Radio to follow artists, get notified when they broadcast, and show your support by tuning in, tipping, sharing, and sending vibes.

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