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Broadcast Software

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Broadcast Software

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Blast Radio broadcast software lets you broadcast most any audio source on your computer to the Blast Radio platform. 

Your order comes with both a lightweight Desktop Broadcasting App and a plugin that can be added to most any DAW.

Use the Desktop Broadcasting App with a USB microphone, external midi device, or audio routing software like Loopback. 

Use the DAW Plugin (VST, VST3, AAX, Audio Unit) to broadcast from the master channel of most any DAW that accepts 64-bit plugins. 

Listeners follow you and tune in through the free Blast Radio mobile app.

Broadcast Software is how you capture and stream your audio.

Blast Radio is where you build your following and be heard. Listeners download the app, follow you, then get notified every time you stream.

If someone doesn't have the app, they can still tune in by visiting your unique web player: blastradio.com/YourUsername.

Easily download past streams and upload to other audio platforms.

All of your past streams are saved as a private archive with unlimited storage just for you.

Download any past stream from your profile and we will email you the lossless .wav file so you can upload it to any platform you choose. Make a podcast, release an NFT, drop an album... it's your content.


Technical Specifications / Requirements

    • DAW Plugin and Desktop Broadcasting App:
    • For Mac, compatible with OS 10.11 or later
    • For Windows, compatible with 10 or later
    • DAW Plugin:
    • The plugin installer includes a VST, VST3, AAX, and Audio Unit plugin, which should ensure compatibility with most any DAW that accepts plugins (ProTools, Ableton, Logic, etc). The download will include file versions for both Mac and Windows.
    • DAW must accept 64-bit plugins
    • Wi-Fi:
    • Broadcast Software uses Wi-Fi to capture audio in a lossless format, upload it to the cloud, and distribute to listeners in the highest possible quality. Having a quality internet connection is required to broadcast.