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In conversation with: Wigflippa

In conversation with: Wigflippa

Wigflippa has been a staple of the Blast Radio airwaves for more than a year now. He walks the walk on his tagline, “Not the new school or the old school, the whole school,” with streams covering a lot of musical ground – his own original music, his friends' music, his label mates’ music (Sunday Dinner Records), and music he just loves. 

We’ve written about Sunday Dinner Records in the past, but this week we’re going deeper with Wig. Read on to learn about the emcee.  

Make sure to Wigflippa ( or ‘wigflippa’ in the app) to catch both of his weekly shows, “Wig Weekly” and “Collecting Dust.”  


Tell us a little bit about yourself

Waddup! I’m Wigflippa, all the homies call me Wig. I grew up in a town called Sikeston, halfway between St. Louis and Memphis. I’m an emcee representing the Sunday Dinner Records crew. We are the family that eats together! I broadcast from my home studio I call, “Nana’s House”, as the home once belonged to my grandparents. Night tripper, hip hop head, wax collector, up in smoke. Not the new school or the old school, the WHOLE school.

How does radio fit in with your online presence? 

My shows “Wig Weekly” and “Collecting Dust” directly connect me to friends and fans and keep my audience engaged. Blast has been incredible for me, being from a rural area, because it allows me to be a part of a community that isn’t easily accessible in person.  Blast provides a way to showcase my personality. There is a lot of value in relatability and showing your fans you’re a regular person.

What do you enjoy the most about streaming on Blast Radio? 

There really aren’t many things I dislike about broadcasting. One of my favorite things is when I play a song that people aren’t familiar with. I love receiving a message and getting to expose smaller artists or showing someone their new favorite song. That’s special to me. 

Who are your three ideal dinner guests (dead or alive)? 

  • Miles Davis
  • Hunter S. Thompson
  • Frank Lucas 

What single piece of art (album, film, book, painting etc.) has had the biggest impact on you personally? 

The album Be by Common. I first heard this album around the age of 14. I’ll never forget hearing that infectious bass line on the intro for the first time, followed by bars like “The chosen one, from the land of the frozen sun. Where drunk nights get remembered more than sober ones”.

The poetic style of Common’s writing completely sent my style in a different direction. This album exposed me to J Dilla for the first time as well. Can’t forget seeing The Food live on Chappelle either. So many incredible moments. One of the best albums ever. 

How would you describe your broadcasts? 

Mondays on “Collecting Dust” I typically allow social media followers to vote between two records from my collection to play. I spin the vinyl and post the cover art as well as some of the selected albums history.

Wednesdays on “Wig Weekly,” I gather a mix of oldies, throwbacks, new music, local acts, and smaller artists. Each episode I highlight new projects and dope events going on in the community. Lately, I have also been interviewing artists and label owners.

What's your setup like for streaming? 

I broadcast using the Blast Box and my Sp404 MKII. To prepare for my broadcasts I set my levels, do a Sound Check, roll up, and remind my followers my broadcast will be starting soon.

What's coming up that you want listeners to know about? 

Yes! I have an EP dropping soon as well as accompanying visuals. The project is titled PRNDL and is produced by Thxk_u.

You will be able to hear the project early on Nov. 30 on my broadcast. I’ll be playing in California at “A Love Supreme” and have a couple Texas dates at the top of next year. Follow me @wigflippa everywhere to stay informed!

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