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In conversation with: QSTV's Marcus Machado and Vicky Casis

In conversation with: QSTV's Marcus Machado and Vicky Casis

QSTV is a Brooklyn-based community of creators spawned out of the COVID-19 related shutdown in NYC. 

Founded by siblings Marcus Machado and Vicky Casis, who, like most musicians, needed an outlet to showcase their talent without being a danger to the public. 

The duo aligned with Dr. Vibesman (live personality and professional breakdancer), Joe Blaxx (percussion), Cole Crush (DJ), and Sandy Ravage (hosting on QSTV Radio).

Together, this collective makes Quality Sounds T.V., or, QSTV. Over the past several months, the crew has launched a variety of shows on Blast Radio including Black Psychedelic Sessions, Live from the Top Rope, and The Trouble Hour.

We recently spoke with QSTV founders Marcus and Vicky to get some insight into the minds behind the collective. Read on for more! 

Make sure to follow QSTV ( and Vicky ( to never miss an upcoming broadcast! Also, pick up a vinyl copy of Marcus’s debut album Aquarius Purple here on September 10.  


Do you have a fond memory of the radio?

Vicky: I started doing radio when I was in college for 90.3 WKRB. I had my own show, which featured hip hop and R&B called Black Noise. I had my co host friend Anthony and a fond memory was when the Kendrick Lamar album To Pimp A Butterfly came out that we had many discussions about the project. 

What is your first musical memory? How does that memory impact you today?

Marcus: My first musical memory was playing guitar during a show at my kindergarten graduation and seeing the reaction from the crowd. It gave me a feeling that always stays with me, even today. 

Who are your three ideal dinner guests (dead or alive)? 

Marcus: Prince, Jimi Hendrix, and Jay Z
Vicky: Pharell, Missy Elliot, and Prince

How would you describe your art? 

Both: It's a free feeling with no limits of genre.

What single piece of art has had the biggest impact on you personally?

Vicky: Kill Bill Vol 1 (Movie)
Marcus: Jimi Hendrix - Electric LadyLand (Album)

If you could see any artist (dead or alive) in concert, who would it be? 

Vicky: Prince & Michael Jackson
Marcus: Jimi Hendrix 

You’re going to a desert island and can only bring one album, what do you choose and why?

Marcus: I would bring D'Angelo's Voodoo because it had such an impact on soul/hip hop and was a huge influence on me. It's an album that never gets old.

Vicky: I would bring N.E.R.D’s In Search Of… because of how much it inspired me as an artist and what I do today.

How would you describe your broadcasts? 

Both: Our show is a variety show that showcases the best independent artists out right now – from producers, DJs, artists & creatives, interviews & more well known artists.

Which product do you use to broadcast (Box, DAW Plugin, Desktop app)? What is your setup? 

Both: We use Blast Box connected to our mixer board. Most all shows are live from Pirate Studios in Brooklyn, NY.  

What is your favorite broadcast you've made to date and why?

Both: Our favorite broadcast was on July 7th for our show Live From the Top Rope with Sandy Ravage and special guest Pharoahe Monch. This was the first time we had a known artist on the show – and we complimented it with a bunch of great producers showcasing their beats live on air and talking about gear and ways to make beats. It was very spontaneous and fun.

What do you want listeners to know about? What's coming up?

Vicky: My debut album Casis World & my immersive installation comes out this fall. Follow me on Instagram for more information about the drop. 

Marcus: My debut album Aquarius Purple is coming out on Vinyl September 10th. This is a re-press of the album with cool vinyl artwork that will be available for purchase at You can also stay up to date on all of our shows on QSTV Radio on Blast Radio by following us on Instagram.

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