In conversation with: John's Little Sister

In conversation with: John's Little Sister

Jess Sikon, is a songwriter and musician currently living and working in Cleveland, OH. Her musical project is called John’s Little Sister, under which she’s released several records (grab them here on Bandcamp). On Blast Radio, Jess has done live performances, late night radio shows, and even an album release listening party for the drop of Are We Having Fun Yet. 

We recently spoke with Jess to learn more about her. Read on for more. 

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Do you have a fond memory of the radio? 

I remember the first time I heard My Sweet Lord on the radio when I was really, really young, maybe 5 or 6? I was in the back seat of my mom’s minivan and my whole body got warm and tingly as I listened. I just remember kind of being in awe of the physical and sonic experience like…”what is this?!” That must have been one of the first times I was distinctly moved by a song.

What is your first musical memory? How does that memory impact you today?

I have a lot of musical memories from early childhood so I’m not sure if this is the first, but I have a distinct memory of singing Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserable in the shower and loving the way it sounded so that must have been my discovery of reverb, which I still use a lot of and still love.

How would you describe your music?

Mostly… emotional.

How would you describe your broadcasts?

My broadcasts are basically just songs that I’m really feeling lately. Pretty much only songs that move me, from any genre, really. Sometimes a song of my own that I want to share. But I’m still experimenting with different types of broadcasts. I’m gearing up to do one soon with my brother where we’ll stream acoustic recordings of us doing beautiful cover songs with intense vocal harmonies.

What do you want listeners to know about?

Well, I recently released an album with my friend Muzzy Fossa that’s pretty fun and John’s Little Sister has a new full-length album coming out soon, which we are in the process of mixing right now. That will be out before the end of the year. I also have been writing/recording/producing for a brand new side project, which I’ll hopefully be ready to share soon as well.