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Tips to grow your audience on Blast Radio

We've worked with a lot of streamers here at Blast Radio.

Below are the tips and tricks we've seen work well in growing their audience on the platform.

Announce on social

Tell existing followers you've joined Blast Radio.

Explain why you like the platform and what you plan to stream. Tag us and we will share (@listentoblast).

Make sure to include your Blast Radio URL:

Download Logos

Realtime Social

Whenver you stream - post an Instagram Story or Tweet with your unique streamer URL so followers can click through and listen.

If they have the app, it will take them to your station. If not, it will take them to a web player where they can listen and are encouraged to download the app and follow you.

Your URL is:

Promote Your URL

List your unique Blast Radio URL anywhere you promote other links.

Your URL is:

Email your fans

Send an email encouraging readers to download Blast Radio and follow you.

Make sure to include your unique Blast Radio URL:

Make promo art

Make custom promotional artwork to promote your streams.

See more examples

Alert your team

If you work with a manager, publicist, label, or marketing team -- tell them about your streams so they can help promote.

If your team wants to collaborate on promo ideas, have them get in touch:

Use tags

Your profile allows for up to 5 descriptive tags to help listeners discover and follow you.

Choose tags that describe what you stream:

  • #TalkRadio
  • #Comedy
  • #LivePiano
  • #Politics
  • #ASMR

Stream often

When you stream, your followers get a push notification and you appear in the 'Discover' section on the homepage of Blast Radio.

Stream frequently or at the same time each week to build your following.

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