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Announce on social

  • Tell existing followers you've joined Blast Radio.
  • Explain why you like the platform and what you plan to stream. Tag us and we will share (@listentoblast).
  • Make sure to include your Blast Radio URL: www.blastradio.com/YourUsername.

Real time social

  • Whenver you stream - post an Instagram Story or Tweet with your unique streamer URL so followers can click through and listen.
  • If they have the app, it will take them to your station. If not, it will take them to a web player where they can listen and are encouraged to download the app and follow you.
  • Your URL is: blastradio.com/YourUsername.

Promote your URL

  • List your unique Blast Radio URL anywhere you promote other links.
  • Your URL is: blastradio.com/YourUsername.

Email your fans

  • Send an email encouraging readers to download Blast Radio and follow you.
  • Make sure to include your unique Blast Radio URL: www.blastradio.com/YourUsername.

Make promo art

  • Make custom promotional artwork to promote your streams.

Alert your team

  • If you work with a manager, publicist, label, or marketing team -- tell them about your streams so they can help promote.

If your team wants to collaborate on promo ideas, have them get in touch:


Use tags

  • Your profile allows for up to 5 descriptive tags to help listeners discover and follow you.
  • Choose tags that describe what you stream:
  • #TalkRadio
  • #Comedy
  • #LivePiano
  • #Politics
  • #ASMR

Stream often

  • When you stream, your followers get a push notification and you appear in the 'Discover' section on the homepage of Blast Radio.
  • Stream frequently or at the same time each week to build your following.