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About Blast Radio

Blast Radio is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and run by a team of musicians, artists, and fans with a deep passion for audio. Blast Radio broadcasters and listeners are located around the world. 

About Blast Radio:

Blast Radio is the only audio platform where listeners can hear directly from the artists they love, daily. Broadcasts disappear after 24 hours and are audio only, which means creators have the freedom to share what they want without worrying about it being available forever. Audio is captured in a lossless format and streamed to the listener in the highest available sound quality. Blast Radio is a supportive community; there is no mechanism for negative feedback (no comments, no trolls -- only listening, sharing, tipping). 

About Blast Box (broadcasting hardware):

Broadcasts on Blast Radio are created with a simple piece of hardware, Blast Box. Artists plug any audio equipment into the device with an RCA cable, connect the device to their Blast Radio profile with bluetooth, then press one button to broadcast lossless audio live on the Blast Radio app.  

About Blast Radio plugin (broadcasting software):

Broadcasts on Blast Radio can also be created with the Blast Radio plugin. Artists simply install the plugin on their computer, add it into their digital audio workstation (DAW) then click one button to broadcast lossless audio live on the Blast Radio app. 

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