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Oct 4, 2021

Now Available: Blast Radio DAW Plugin for broadcasting

We’re excited to announce the release of the Blast Radio plugin, enabling you to broadcast straight from your digital audio workstation (DAW) to Blast Radio. Simply install the plugin and be broadcasting in minutes.

Oct 1, 2021

Carl Craig Takes the Party Home

With an eye forever on the future, Carl Craig’s involvement and support of Blast Radio has been critical from day one. Through administering early “stress tests” on the servers, to sharing original unreleased tracks and mixes with listeners, Carl helped lay the foundation for the burgeoning community that’s continuing to ferment with each new broadcast. “I make music to satisfy my soul, and when I perform, I invite others into my world,” Carl has said, and these worlds are proving to be as vast as his back catalog.

Sep 20, 2021

Roy Molloy - Breaking the Law and Getting Away With It

“Illegal Radio” may have begun as a joke but it quickly became an institution. When not playing saxophone or cutting deals with Alex Cameron, Roy Molloy can be found on the Blast Radio airwaves taking requests and connecting the masses with the sounds and inspiration they’re craving most

Sep 4, 2021

Shigeto - Lifting Up a Passed Down Tradition at Spot Lite Detroit

Shigeto’s presentation of Evocation, a series of performances that took place on September 4th at Spot Lite Detroit. Beginning with a solo harp performance by Ahya Simone, the night progressed with two sets featuring the full band comprised of legendary alto saxophone player, bandleader, and mentor Vincent York, Marcus Eliot on tenor saxophone, Ian Fink on keys, Josef Deas on upright bass, the great Dez Andrés on percussion, and Shigeto behind the kit.

Aug 30, 2021

Alex Olson presents: A Sound Guidance Meditation Series

Alex Olson presents: A Sound Guidance Meditation Series is a three-week guided breathing broadcast series that will take place on Sundays at 10 am beginning September 5th only on Blast Radio.

Aug 16, 2021

King Britt - The Birth of the Beauty and Sound Show

Over the years, King Britt has had many creative outlets: from DJing for Digable Planets, to composing and producing as the Fhloston Paradigm, to teaching courses on Afrofuturism in Electronic Music at the University of California San Diego, every avenue that Britt traverses is a movement toward exploring sonic excellence. So it’s no surprise that The Beauty and Sound Show is anything other than what it advertises: a rumination on musical aesthetics by a distinguished scholar of the medium.

Aug 13, 2021

Animal Collective - On Slaying Dragons and Finding Space to Evolve on the Road

Listening to Animal Collective prepare for their upcoming tour at Drop of Sun Studios in Asheville, North Carolina was a reminder of a somewhat obscured fact: that along with being a set of revolving, semi-feral musical personalities, at base level Animal Collective are a band that plays instruments. 

Aug 9, 2021

Add tags to your Blast Radio profile

You can now add up to 5 tags on your profile, which help listeners understand what kind of content you broadcast and help you grow your followers.

Aug 9, 2021

Blast Box: Firmware 1.1

We're constantly working to improve the Blast Radio app and the Blast Box device. We just released Blast Box firmware 1.1 with lots of feature updates based on artist feedback. 

Aug 6, 2021

Alarm Will Sound - New Adventures in an Age Old Sound

In preparation for upcoming community performances at Buffalo’s Artpark Amphitheater, Alarm Will Sound shared sneak peaks to new arrangements of Aphex Twin’s “T69 Collapse” and Jlin’s “Black Origami.” These exciting additions to an already impressive repertoire were broken down and workshopped in rehearsal, giving listeners a rare glimpse into the musical alchemy necessary to translate synths and breaks into strings and winds.

Aug 5, 2021

Steffi + Privacy are Negroni Nails - Live at Herfstdrift Festival 2019

Coming off the release of their debut self-titled Negroni Nails EP on Portuguese label Klakson, Steffi and Privacy were in celebration mode. The three song effort stayed true to the hard-hitting Detroit leanings both artists are known for, and on the decks their complimentary stylings merged like twin tornados spiraling to life on the dance floor.

Jul 4, 2021

DJ Bus Replacement Service and Surgeon - Finding Love in Loud Places

The casual commentary over this historical transmission dispels any notions of you-had-to-be-there feelings of dejection, as DJ Bus Replacement Service and Surgeon help bring the contours and ethos of the party the night they met into focus.
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