5 Examples: Recurring Blast Radio Shows

5 Examples: Recurring Blast Radio Shows

Hosting a recurring show is the most reliable way to build and consistently grow a community of dedicated Blast Radio listeners. Whether you’re presenting new material, conversing and collaborating with special guests, or sharing classic tracks in innovative contexts, a series of broadcasts will keep your audience invested in what’s to come.

As you get started, keep these quick tips in mind:

Consistency is key: Choose a convenient day and time every week, every other week, or even every month that your followers can expect to catch your next broadcast.

Get creative: Come up with a title that communicates the spirit of your broadcast series. A regular radio show allows you new opportunities to experiment with custom artwork, which will enhance your Blast Radio profile and social media presence.

Don’t sweat the technique: Don’t think of a new series as a long-term commitment – give your idea a trial run of 4 to 8 episodes, then reevaluate if necessary. Keep exploring until you find a system that works for you.

For inspiration, see 5 examples of recurring Blast Radio shows below.

Mareux – Mareux Radieux

Romantic darkwave producer Aryan Ashtiani, aka Mareux, recently launched Mareux Radieux and has continually kept listeners engaged. With his Thursday radio show, Mareux aims to shine a spotlight on the up-and-coming artists of the global dark music scene by interviewing a different special guest each week. Alongside a growing smorgasbord of post punk and darkwave selections, Closed Tear, Wisteria, Provoker, Aurat, and French Police have all made appearances in the first five episodes of Mareux Radieux. Mareux brings Twitter followers into the conversation by prompting them to ask questions using #mareuxradieux, and tops it all off with striking promotional art that slightly shifts with each new iteration of his show.

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Simona Zamboli’s Sonic Diary


With Simona’s Sonic Diary, producer, sound designer, and broadcast audio engineer Simona Zamboli invites her audience to tune in each Monday to observe the ever-evolving intricacies of her creative process. An exercise in tone, texture, and embracing the emotion felt in little day-to-day moments, Zamboli’s Sonic Diary is a window into its host’s mind at the outset of each new week. A social media scrapbook of photos and videos accompanies new episodes, reinforcing the open and welcoming nature of Zamboli’s broadcasts and encouraging listeners to follow along.

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Tom Trago – Around the World in 80 Shows

Presented biweekly right up until the end of 2021, producer, DJ, and world traveler Tom Trago’s Around the World in 80 Shows has kept listeners on their toes with a new musical theme to shape each broadcast. With every episode focused on a different region of the world (beginning with vintage tunes from countries throughout Africa), and a rotating company of peers delivering insights into the cultures behind the music, Trago has utilized the Blast Radio airwaves to take listeners on a number of guided tours – complete with personal anecdotes – from the comfort of his home studio. Around the World in 80 Shows is an inspiring marriage of catchy title, powerful concept, and endless possibilities.

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Fracture – Slow Sevens


Producer, DJ, and Astrophonica label head Fracture’s biweekly series Slow Sevens is another prime example of a snappily titled radio show built on a rock-solid concept – a selection of 45s from Charlie Fieber’s vault, played at 33rpm so that even the smallest of details can shine through. Episodes to date have featured well-known tracks by David Bowie, Kate Bush, Marvin Gaye, Hall & Oates, Enya, and more, along with the opportunity to experience them in an entirely new light. The strength of Slow Sevens’ theme means that Fracture’s audience has an idea of what to expect from each new installment, but curiosity about the next nostalgic, expertly curated and slowed tracklist routinely keeps listeners coming back.

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devonwho – Radiowho

When producer and Leaving Records mainstay devonwho's Friday show Radiowho kicked off in mid-September, Devon Fox began his Blast Radio journey with a collection of favorite tracks from the MySpace era. Then, the guest mixes started pouring in. The flexibility of Radiowho’s format has allowed Fox to present hours of favorite music and unreleased material shared by fellow artists (and some fellow Blast Radio broadcasters) aNTOJE, CelerLogica, j. hurlock, Scape, and Omari Jazz. He’s also surprised those who tuned in to episode 2 with an album preview, and peppered in sneak peeks at other upcoming projects from devonwho and friends.

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