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October’s Featured Broadcasts: Kevin Morby, Animal Collective, Alex Cameron, Com Truise, Emily Elhaj and more

The beauty of Blast Radio is the impromptu nature of a broadcast. Artists can choose to go live at any point, sharing anything they like, with the press of one button. 

That said, we also love to highlight special broadcasts and bring attention to the many talented artists on the platform. That’s where our featured broadcasts come in. 

This month, we’re super excited to welcome some new broadcasters like Kevin Morby, Alex Cameron, Animal Collective, Airpark and Com Truise, as well as highlight upcoming broadcasts from existing broadcasters like Luke Slater, bodyimage, Roy Molloy, Kiara Scuro, Emily Elhaj, and Black Girl / White Girl. 

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Here’s some of what you can expect on Blast Radio this October (in alphabetical order): 

Airpark: Deep in the throes of recording, Airpark have elected to share some working demos, as well as dissect a selection of tracks that make up the terroir of their forthcoming release. With Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore of Tennis at the net for their next effort, Nashville’s Airpark breakdown their heartfelt, psychedelic twang and share their best techniques for getting all the right feelings to coalesce.

Airpark's forthcoming debut LP was produced by Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore of Tennis. The duo's new full-length album is scheduled for Spring 2022. 

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The Album Leaf will broadcast ‘Chance’ a performance he’s been designing for the past year wherein he uses the midi functionality in Ableton to trigger melodies, chords, and time signatures on pieces of hardware. 

"I couldn’t believe the audio quality via Blast Radio. This is by far the clearest, live streaming audio I have ever heard. This also makes the listening experience second to none. You forget you are listening to a livestream and are completely lost in the moment while enjoying the highest quality audio a livestream has to offer. Quality of sound has always been the most important aspect of presenting my music and Blast Radio makes that possible," said The Album Leaf

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Alex Cameron's show 'Demo-itis' will explore the art form of the Demo. Via submissions, guests, and Alex's own personal collection, Demo-itis is a show that serves to demonstrate what happens to a song before it is exposed to professional production, the recording studio and especially before it is treated to be heard by the rest of the world. Songs in their rawest form - straight from the artist to your ears - only on Blast.

“I relate to audiences by telling stories through music. The demo is the first draft of what becomes that story. Through this Blast Radio show, I'm hoping to give listeners a look into a side of the story creation process they seldom get to experience. By doing it as a live show that doesn't exist forever, my hope is it creates a special moment that me, my guests, and our listeners can all experience together," said Alex Cameron

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Animal Collective, known for reworking and perfecting new material on the road, spent a few weeks at Drop of Sun studio in Asheville, NC rehearsing and jamming before their end of Summer tour. Starting on Oct 27 for four consecutive weeks, the group will share additional recordings from those sessions, giving listeners a glimpse into the raw energy of their music before it gets that post-production sheen.  And who knows… they may throw in some other goodies here or there too.

“We only just started using Blast Radio in the last couple of months, but it’s exciting and fun to have an audio-only platform that can be so spontaneous and spur of the moment. We really like the potential for being able to jump on to share something new, old, planned or improvised, whatever, whenever. I really appreciate the minimal approach to feedback as well. It brings the focus to the broadcasting and the listening. In some ways I feel that actually opens up the door to more intimacy for the performer and for the listener. The value for the player is knowing that someone is listening and for the listener… to just engage and receive the sounds rather than think about how they should or could give feedback,” said Deakin of Animal Collective

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Black Girl / White Girl will be live with an hour of groove-driven, booming techno with a bite that will keep you squarely on your feet! Their broadcast is a teaser for their upcoming ADE set on Ben Sims' and Kirk Degiorgio's iconic Machine Stage at Dockyard Festival. 

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bodyimage will host a series of conversational broadcasts to share some of their favorite tracks and discuss what inspires them as they currently work on their upcoming album. Bringing together a conversation about music, inspiration, life, and everything in between. 

"The most important thing about music to me is the shared experience. I make music to share in and evoke the more specific and sometimes subtle elements of the human experience, and I listen to music for that same reason. Let’s hang out and riff about what I’m listening to, why I like it, and discover some interesting experiences together," said bodyimage

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Com Truise will host Komputer Cast Live!, a broadcast focused on deep cuts, demos and other unreleased materials from Com Truise. Keeping with the Komputer Cast traditions, you can expect to hear lots of library music, funk and other experimental electronic music. 

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Constant Shapes will continue his weekly Monday show. It’s rare for a push notification to lead directly to a forest clearing. This improvisational jam session ebbs and flows, awash in shimmering synths, yawning pads, and field recordings mimicking the natural interplay of sounds meandering through air, or being carefully divided through the subtle movement of wings and water. Reminiscent of Wolfgang Voigt’s inorganic bucolic masterpiece Pop, these ambient compositions could dupe a well tuned Turing Test despite being little more than 1’s and 0’s.

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DJ Bus Replacement Service: Back by popular demand, DJ Bus Replacement Service will be doing live audio commentary as she broadcasts a recording from a past live set.  

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Emily Elhaj will host the ‘Jim Keltner Fan Club’ focusing on the work of the legendary American drummer most known for his session work. 

"In an over-packed box of cassettes, there are dozens of tapes that I used to love to listen to in my '96 Astro Van. Climbing the gently rolling flatness of Chicago, I would let 'The Basement Tapes' or 'Silk & Soul' ride. Among those albums are also tapes I made by dubbing music from the radio as a kid growing up in New Orleans. Music from the local r&b and rap station Q93 or 106.7 The End made its way onto those tapes and are etched in my memory. Radio programming should be enriched and encouraged. Blast Radio's platform is putting music in the hands of creators and seekers alike," said Emily Elhaj.  

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Father Dukes will broadcast an analog DJ set completely on vinyl featuring house music. She will be grabbing some of her favorite local pressings from the bag, highlighting her colleagues in the Detroit music scene while showcasing some of the contemporary Detroit electronic music that she likes to groove to.

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The Field presents a 2+ hour broadcast featuring a collection of musical fragments recorded in the studio with the artist’s cell phone throughout the past 7 years. The clips were sent to friends throughout the period and can be seen as an open sketchbook and collection of memories. While some of the recordings became actual tracks, many were archived and forgotten. Listeners can join The Field for a time travel broadcast divided into 7 parts.

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Gabi will broadcast a selection of dark, driving techno. Broadcasting from the Amphiboly Records studio in Detroit.

Follow Gabi on Blast Radio 

The Golden Filter (Penelope and Steph) will broadcast a weekly live discussion from their home in Brighton all about their favorite recent musical discoveries, film, books, and more.

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IMKA will broadcast Evidence of Yesterday presents the Leaf Broadcast: a bi-weekly show of bio-therapeutic loops. Every loop is 10 minutes each, which, together, make up an hour of beautiful music all based around plants bio data. Imka uses the Plantwave device as a receiver of Mother Nature. 

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The Josh Craig will continue his weekly show, 'Rare Grooves and Positive Vibrations' where he plays a selection of vinyls and sets from his personal collection every Sunday at 11 am EST. 

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Kevin Morby, recording artist and founder of Mare Records, will broadcast collected field recordings from the past year, played along to improvised piano on October 18th. Then he will broadcast a live, halloween-themed conversation with Jess Williamson from the road while on tour on October 25th.  

"What I have always loved about radio in general is its fleeting nature. Listening to something over the airwaves gives you a sense that the voice coming through the speaker is your companion, living and breathing, sitting at your side. It forces the listener to really listen because once the broadcast is over you're not sure when you'll hear it - if ever - again. I'm happy that Blast Radio is bringing back the spirit of the airwaves to us all and encouraging us to tune in and really listen," said Kevin Morby  

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Kiara Scuro will be playing a mixture of genres for their show on October 26th! From slow, chuggy synthwaves to proggy trance, you can always catch Kiara Scuro broadcasting a wide variety of music. On their station, there is something for everybody!

Follow Kiara Scuro on Blast Radio 

Luke Slater will continue his ‘Monthly Meditative Gathering’ series where he broadcasts a selection of his favorite ambient recordings to counterbalance the demands of daily life. 

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M Ross Perkins will be broadcasting a 3-part weekly pirate radio show, Sundays at 6pm EST throughout the month of October. Each week, M Ross will showcase and talk about his favorite Ohio-based music. 

  • 10/3 - Miracle at Kil-Kare: The Music of Dayton, Ohio
  • 10/10 - Terry Says Maybe: The Music of Colemine Records
  • 10/17 - I've Been Bangin' on Dials: The Music of Bill Fox"

"With the Blast Box, somebody in Barcelona can make weekend plans to check out a set I'm playing in Dubuque, or they can hang out with me at home and dig in to a stack of records I just picked up. Blast has invented a truly clever little device that turns every location into a potential creative space and every show into a global live performance." said M Ross Perkins

Follow M Ross Perkins on Blast Radio 

Miss Tahloulah May will continue her ‘Sound of the Underground’ radio show where she shares works from her favorite underground and on-the-rise musicians. 

Follow Miss Tahloulah May on Blast Radio

New Commute invites you to join the New Commute radio stream on Sunday, October 3 for archival cuts from the New Commute Now library, the blog's rolling playlist column. 

“I value the ability that Blast provides independent musicians and creatives to share their material in real-time with less reliance on algorithms or traditional radio operations to build an audience of supporters. Blast introduces an opportunity for fascinating audio dispatches from behind the scenes of album recording, songwriting processes, live concert broadcasts, or just the everyday listening habits of your favorite musical personalities,” said David Walker, New Commute 

Follow New Commute on Blast Radio 

Olivia & Adrian Csanak, the a Slovakia-based Dj duo formed by spouses Lenka and Adrián, will broadcast their fusion sound of slow techno, new wave, post disco with punk & rock influences. 

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Pépé will explore an unreleased album he wrote during quarantine in 2020. The record is a concept album based on the Espai Verd building in his city. The premise of the record is about building spaces that are meant to sustain plant life and designed to be self-sufficient once humans are no longer there. He will go more into detail of what makes the building interesting in between songs and how each track relates to this concept and ideas of ecology, sustainability, global warming, and human history. 

"I love the impromptu feeling of Blast Radio broadcasts, the fact that the recording will disappear makes it more special for those listening, and eases the pressure of having to make a "perfect" recording, thanks to this it always ends up feeling more natural," said Pépé. 

 Follow Pépé on Blast Radio 

Roy Molloy: When recanting achievements, it’s only natural to embark on a little bit of mythmaking - to spin the yarn, spread details lavishly. But even the most marvelous of laurels when applied to Roy Molloy are worthy of their wearer: esteemed saxophonist, savvy business partner, and literal lifesaver all rise with the cream. And yet, Roy is willing to risk it all to take on the one group even the Clash couldn’t curdle: the Law. Catch the Illegal Radio Drive Time Power Hour whenever you commute, as Sydney's very own attempts to break the work week over their knee, one request at a time.

"Blast Radio is the premier audio platform, folks. Pure freedom. Flawless, unfettered audio streaming that's easy to access and super smooth to use. Thanks to Blast for making my broadcast dreams come true," said Roy Molloy

Follow Roy Molloy on Blast Radio 

Spencer Tweedy presents Spencer Tweedy’s Drum Diary: Step into Spencer Tweedy’s private drum booth as he practices new beats, revisits favorites, shares music he loves and philosophizes on rhythm. Wednesdays beginning October 20.

"I’ve long wanted to play drums for people over the internet somehow, but was too nervous to show my ‘drummer face.’ Naturally radio is the answer. The things that made radio mysterious and enchanting in its early form are present in Blast Radio too: the filling in of the blanks in your imagination about the voice on the other side; the curious feeling of “Where is this coming from?” as the audio pops out of your speakers. As a musician, I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to share music fleetingly, without preciousness, and as spontaneously as putting your ear to my practice room window," said Spencer Tweedy 

Spencer Tweedy is a musician and writer based in Chicago. Through collaborations with his father, Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy, Tweedy has performed on albums by Mavis Staples, Norah Jones, and Beck, as well as two EPs of his own. 

Follow Spencer Tweedy on Blast Radio 

Stereo Ferment's Brad Weber will share current tracks he's been digging in the realm of psych-tropical, dub-boogie-disco, and afrocentric inspired grooves.

Follow Stereo Ferment on Blast Radio 

Taso will be playing lots of unreleased collabs with Dj Rashad, Machinedrum, El-B and talking about how they were made. He’s planning on doing some live phone interviews with RP BOO, Gantman and a bunch of legends from Chicago’s underground as well. He plans to get some chats in with the best rappers and electronic music producers from Cuba too so we can shed light on their experience and art. He also plans to hit up some amazing female rappers, singers and dancers and get their perspective on the state of the industry right now. These shows will also tie in his BIPOC/LGBTQ artist/friend’s perspectives on the industry/country. Lastly, he has so many amazing craft cannabis farmers up North that have some incredible insight about sustainable and regenerative agriculture that needs to be heard.

Follow Taso on Blast Radio

Teen Daze asks "what was the last piece of music that truly transported you to another place?" Over these three broadcasts, Teen Daze will bring listeners into the world of the Interior Club. Join the live chat at https://interior-club.net, and join the channel #broadcast.

“I've had such a great time experimenting with Blast Radio. The flexibility of being able to broadcast at a moment's notice makes for some really interesting mixes. Honestly just having an outlet to DJ live to some sort of audience (rather than just in my basement to my cat) is a really special thing. I've felt a lot of support and love from the Blast team, and I'm so thrilled to see where the app goes in the months to come,” said Teen Daze

Follow Teen Daze on Blast Radio 

warner case on the move! The artist has been nomadic for the last 18 months (and counting), and will broadcast at least 60 minutes of uninterrupted dance music. No genre is safe. Whatever strikes him at that moment, wherever he is in the world, is what he'll share with listeners.

Follow Warner Case on Blast Radio 

X-Coast presents the worst and best of Serbian turbo folk.

Follow X-Coast on Blast Radio

And so many more impromptu broadcasts...

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