Notable Broadcasts: Week of 10/11/2021

Here’s a recap of some notable broadcasts from last week.


The New Orleans-raised, Nashville-based brotherly duo of Ben Ford and Michael Ford, Jr. who make up Airpark had their maiden flight on Blast Radio, announcing the finished tracking of their debut LP, produced by Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore of the band Tennis. By centering choice demos and unreleased recordings, the Brothers Ford reconstructed their creative process, and revealed how free church pianos, guitar apps, and Nina Simone all inform the new record. Now with a Spring 2022 release on the horizon, these previews and added context have only heightened anticipation for their next effort.

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The Amsterdam-based duo of Karin and Ty, known on dancefloors globally as BLACK GIRL / WHITE GIRL, pulled out all the stops for a head-knocking selection of techno and rave bangers. Fresh off a string of EPs and single releases, the pair unleashed a veritable bandolier of tracks hitting all the hardest aspects of their musical DNA. House and acid cuts of various builds and pHs swept through like an avalanche, with snippets of club anxiety and euphoria tumbled and refined throughout the mix.


Com Truise

Bringing their Komputer Cast show back around for another pass through of the Blast Radio airwaves, Com Truise shared an expansive array of demos, deep cuts, and unreleased tracks spanning from ‘07-2018. With a slew of pseudonyms to their name, each persona carried its own panache and interpretation of what defined the celestial glory of 80’s synthesizers. Toggling between the ambient and introspective, the outer rims of hard-hitting retrowave, and raunchy flares of saxophone sleaze, the set showed an artist at peace in the constellation of sounds they helped revitalize.

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The Field

Loopsmith extraordinaire Axel Willner, aka The Field, reached back into a cache of unreleased studio sessions to share song fragments and experiments, previously sent only to close friends and family. Recorded at odd times over the past 7 years, the set scanned the full spectrum of Willner’s musical palette as if spread across an FM dial. Some stations came through crystal clear, with discernible grooves, vocal samples, and rhythms, while others relished in the reverb and shoegaze-y terrain that often acts as a foundation of Willner’s work. Stay tuned for future transmissions.

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Making their Blast Radio debut, London-based DJ Patrisha brought a stellar selection of contemporary jungle favorites by artists redefining the classic old school sound. “One thing I love about Jungle so much is how emotional it can be,” Patrisha interjected at one point over a recent Numero Group reissue of Ashaye’s 1994 single ‘Dreaming (Jungle Mix).” But the heavy bass tones never took a backseat to the romance, as several dubbed out cuts by Coco Bryce and other high-octane, break warped rollers kept the party barreling forward.

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Continuing their tutorial on Serbian turbo folk music, X-Coast brought another selection of the best and worst from the genre for an educational slice of Blast Radio programming. Known for combining elements of traditional Serbian folk music with hallmarks of pop, rock, electronic, and hip hop genres, turbo folk retrofits these deep tissue lyrics and melodies for dancefloors and arena-style gatherings. X-Coast’s brilliant narration and echoing commentary throughout made for a kaleidoscopic tour of a musical niche deserving of way more love and attention.

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