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Notable Broadcasts: Week of 11/22/2021

Here’s a recap of some notable broadcasts from last week.


Off-kilter and at times cacophonous, Québécois producer aNTOJE returned to Blast Radio with a playfully blown-out set that demonstrated their tonal and percussive dexterity as both an artist and curator. Featuring heavy doses of late-’00s wonky and future bass-style intensity, each selection felt informed by the fractal chaos of an internet attention span, while somehow still managing to maintain a certain semblance of connective tissue. Factor in the hauntingly spacious Danny Brown remix, the Coachwhips track, and the Arnold Schwarzenegger monologue: what you’re left with is one complex algorithm.

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The Big Man Restless

Coffee and vinyl aficionado The Big Man Restless served up an extra special helping of Disco Brunch to celebrate a new listener milestone. Typically clocking in around the 2- to 3-hour mark, this episode of their weekly Sunday morning show went for a record 4 hours after the Blast Radio community responded to TBMR’s on-air challenge to keep the party going. Spinning all-vinyl sets centered on jazz, house, disco, funk, boogie, and more, Disco Brunch is a long-simmering staple on the platform guaranteed to ease your eye headache after a raucous night out. Set your Sunday calendar to catch the next edition.

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Founding member of the techno- and house-focused Transduction Signal Collective, Dallas, TX-based modular synth wizard CKSAMPLE, loomed large this week as they docked their modular rig, the Mothership, in Blast Radio airspace to transmit across ambient, dance, and experimental frequencies. Featuring driving drums and ominous, dissonant tones that felt equally inspired by classic slasher films as by the dancefloor, the largely improvised sets were live-patched and as ephemeral as they were hard-hitting. With more featured broadcasts scheduled for the month of December, stay tuned to the Mothership for fresh waves and signals.



Beatmaker and hip hop surrealist dakim dug into their archives to resurface one of their contributions to iNSECT Radio, a podcast mix series run by Austin, TX-based label iNSECT Records. Featuring an eclectic mix of jazz, techno, R&B, hip hop, and soul selections, dakim’s agility and curiosity behind the decks were on full display as tracks were stretched, bent, and filtered to match an ever-evolving mood. Between cutting up Stevie Wonder bass lines and smoothing out Boards of Canada’s playful interlude “Kaini Industries” into a laidback slapper, dakim kept heads nodding despite redefining genres at breakneck speed.

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DJ, producer, and stalwart of Shadow Temple Records, Detroit-based artist Gulley hit the Blast Radio airwaves with a tightly-wound collection of tracks that paid homage to current lyrical titans, while highlighting some of hip hop's global traditions. From the pastoral grooves of Fat Jon’s contributions to the Samurai Champloo soundtrack, to cuts from Detroit’s very own Bruiser Brigade, to throwback classics by artists like George Benson and the Whispers, Gulley’s set was a primer for part-time enthusiasts that still sprinkled in enough deep cuts to satisfy the lifelong heads.

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Making their Blast Radio debut, beatmaker and bassist MLTZR celebrated their inaugural broadcast by sharing original and unreleased compositions they have in the pipeline. Kicking off with a selection of footwork tracks fresh from the incubator, MLTZR pivoted to highlight some joints by friends and fellow artists that are currently guiding their inspiration, before delving back into a set of MPC-constructed beats that are potentially slated for an upcoming release. With recurring segments on the horizon and dope show flyers already in circulation, keep eyes out for this Portland, OR-based artist’s next moves and future drops.

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Stepping behind the decks after a 2-year hiatus, Manchester’s WDDS (pronounced “Woods”) got back on the horse for a well-executed return to form. Broadcasting live from Concorde 2 in Brighton, UK, WDDS hyped the crowd before 2manydjs took the reins, with a set highlighting some of their favorite selections across the electro, breakbeat, and UKG spectrums. Featuring deep cuts by Kevin Over and Desert Sound Company, Overmono’s stunning new single “Bby,” and Robert Hood remixing Landside’s 2017 track “Signs Of Change,” WDDS’ set should serve as a reminder that airing out some choice bangers is the perfect way to shake off the dust.

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