Corey Gumbs + The Black Podcasters Association x Blast Radio 

Corey Gumbs + The Black Podcasters Association x Blast Radio 

If you don’t know Corey Gumbs, put him on your list of interesting people to meet (or at least listen to, which starting this week is now possible right here on Blast Radio). 

In addition to being a web developer and  independent hip-hop producer, he’s been making waves in the podcast world for years. 

As a music producer, Corey quickly realized that podcasting was a potent tool for creating an engaging platform for content creation, and began working with talent to build their own podcasting empires. 

Upon that realization, he kicked into action and hasn’t slowed down. 

In his own time, he works directly to help existing or would-be podcasters develop strategies for their shows. He also runs Black Label Mobile Studio, a full-service podcast production and recording service that offers mobile recording and production in the NYC metropolitan area and beyond. 

But beyond that – he’s leaned in as a community leader. 

Corey founded and now runs the Black Podcasters Association (BPA), which was started in 2022 as an online community for Black podcast creatives and professionals looking for support, an educational environment, and a place to network with like-minded people. 

Since its inception, the BPA has grown to become one of the most influential podcasting communities for Black podcast creators and professionals. The BPA is dedicated to developing and connecting Black voices through podcasting and provides resources, support, and community for Black podcasters. 

He also recently launched the newsletter,, the first newsletter curated and dedicated to Black podcast creatives and professionals within the podcast industry. 

All that said – we couldn’t be more excited that Corey is going to start broadcasting on Blast Radio. 

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