Carl Craig: All Black Vinyl 2023

Carl Craig: All Black Vinyl 2023

If you’re a fan of music – and especially techno – you certainly know Carl Craig. If not, here's an excerpt from a write up we did about him back in October of '21.  

"Emerging in the Detroit scene of the late 1980’s, Carl quickly became known for his visionary DJ sets and innovative productions featuring a broader palette of sounds previously unheard on the dancefloor. After founding Planet E Communications in 1991, Carl began a tireless release schedule across numerous monikers -- Innerzone Orchestra, 69, and Paperclip People to name a few -- while also working to incubate new artists interested in expanding the Detroit sound. Landmark albums such as Landcruising and More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art still standout among a crowded field as towering examples of what techno can aspire to be."

Since day 1, the grammy-nominated DJ and producer has used his influence to tell the inspiring stories of Detroit’s illustrious music scene – and the black creators that made that scene so influential.

One way he tells those stories is through his annual ‘All Black Vinyl’ project during which he selects and spotlights a record from a black artist for every day of February for Black History Month. 

So far, he's already highlighted artists like Marquis Johnson, Black Milk, and Morvin Brooks -- with many more to come.  

All Black Vinyl on Blast Radio

This Friday, tune in to Carl live on Blast Radio for a special vinyl set featuring all black artists curated by the DJ extraordinaire. 

And make sure to follow Carl as he will be doing additional pop up shows throughout the month. 

All Black Vinyl on Instagram

And make sure to follow Carl on Instagram for daily All Black Vinyl video clips.