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Using QR Codes to Promote your Blast Radio Profile & Streams

Using QR Codes to Promote your Blast Radio Profile & Streams

As a Blast Radio streamer you automatically get a unique URL specific to you – 

If someone has the app and clicks on it, they will be taken directly to your profile. If they don’t have the app, they will be taken to a web player specifically about you – and be encouraged to download the app and follow you. 

The unique URL is a great tool for promotion because you can do things like: 

  • Add it to your website 
  • Add it to link aggregators like Linktree 
  • Tweet it whenever you stream 
  • Link it in the ‘link sticker’ on an Instagram story 

Another way to get more value out of the link is by turning it into a QR code. Read on for more info!

How to make a QR code 

Making a QR code is extremely easy and there are lots of tools online that are free. 

We like to use QR Code Monkey. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Go to the site 
  2. Type in your Blast Radio url ( 
  3. Change any design elements like colors or adding a logo 
  4. Download the QR code as a PNG (make sure to save it for future use) 

Where to use your QR code

The two places we see streamers use QR codes most often are on their website and on printed materials. 


It’s better for you if a listener downloads the Blast Radio app vs listening on the web player because in the app they can actually follow you, which means they get notified every time you broadcast. In the app they can also send you tips using the Fan Mail feature. 

Since the App Store and Google Play store are both only available on mobile, placing a QR code on your website will make it easier for visitors to download the app. They can simply pull out their phones and use their camera to scan the QR code. 

For example, here’s how we do that on this page

Printed materials

QR codes are also great for in person events. If you’re playing a show, speaking at an event, or throwing a party – print signs with a QR code that links to your profile so attendees can scan the code and immediately follow you. 

These can be easily designed in Canva, Photoshop, or even just a doc editor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. 

Pro tip: On your printed sign, have one QR code for downloading the Blast Radio app and another that links directly to your profile. You can save the QR code for Blast Radio from here -- it directs people to the right app store based on whatever phone they're on. 

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