The Benefits of Completing Your Blast Radio Profile

The Benefits of Completing Your Blast Radio Profile

Building out your Blast Radio profile is a surefire way to capture listeners’ attention, and boost your follower count as a result.

Now that we’ve rolled out Radio Mode, it’s especially crucial to add up-to-date images, tags, bios, and more. You’ll stand out and be easier to find as listeners swipe through and discover new broadcasters.

Read on for a handy checklist of profile components to complete if you haven’t already.

Profile image:

Your profile image appears on listeners’ home pages and makes them want to tune in to your broadcasts. Since it’s often the first thing they’ll see, choose the image that represents you best.

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Feature image:

Your feature image is shown full-screen in Radio Mode and as a thumbnail when people share your unique link. Use it to accentuate your profile image, and/or to set the mood as a backdrop for your profile.

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Header image:

Complement your profile photo and feature image with a header image, which sets the scene when listeners visit your profile in standard mode.

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Name, location and bio:

Use the focal point of your profile to let listeners know your name and location, as well as what to expect when tuning in to your broadcasts. This is your space to describe yourself and your Blast Radio presence in any number of words and ways.

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Add descriptive tags to your profile so listeners can find and follow you based on what you broadcast. You can choose up to 5 predetermined tags, or feel free to create your own that best matches your personal style.

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Promotional link:

Your promo link is shown prominently on both standard and Radio Mode view, and can be a great way to drive merchandise, album, and/or ticket sales. Try linking to a social media page, Bandcamp, Twitch, SoundCloud, or any combination of the above using a service like Linktree.

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