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November's Featured Broadcasts: Animal Collective, Com Truise, devonwho, The Field, Madison Willing, Spencer Tweedy, Teen Daze, Tom Trago and more.

This month, we're excited to announce returning features by Animal Collective, bodyimage, Com Truise, Constant Shapes, The Field, The Golden Filter, Roy Molloy, Spencer Tweedy, and Teen Daze, as well as highlight ongoing shows by ARK, devonwho, Diligent Fingers, ERNO, The Josh Craig, and Straight Up Breakbeat.

Plus, tune in for new features by Alex Burkat, Eric Slick, John's Little Sister, Justin EspadaLoverground, Madison Willing, self-titled, Tom Trago, WDDS, and many more to come.

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Here’s some of what you can expect on Blast Radio this November (in alphabetical order): 

Alex Burkat

Join Alex Burkat and the rest of the Ancient Puzzle Arts crew for a family affair of deep grooves and jackin' beats live from Philadelphia's favorite legendary, underground club, Upstairs at the 700. Expect House and Techno from the past, present and future in one seamless journey! Tune in @ 9pm EST on Sunday 11/7 to catch the action.

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Andrew Parks / self-titled

Longtime editor of Minneapolis-based publication self-titled, the site that's been altering your algorithm since 2008, Andrew Parks is taking listeners on a dual trip through their powers of musical curation. Between introducing their new shows Oscillation, where listeners can expect "a complete disregard for release dates and a stark-raving-mad survey of new and old music," as well as the newly minted self-titled presents: DJ Pure Moods, unveiling Parks' ambient DJ alias and the announce of the site's new sister publication, self | centered, there's a lot to watch out for from the self-titled camp this November.

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Animal Collective 

Known for reworking and perfecting new material on the road, Animal Collective spent a few weeks at Drop of Sun studio in Asheville, NC rehearsing and jamming before their end of Summer tour. Continuing throughout November, the group will share additional recordings from those sessions, giving listeners a glimpse into the raw energy of their music before it gets that post-production sheen.  And with a new album on the horizon, there's no telling what fresh ideas could be percolating.

Plus, congratulations to Animal Collective for securing one of our three Blast Radio Artist Grants for October.

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Broadcasting live from their home studio in San Antonio, ARK Radio touches on all styles of music with a focus on beats, experimental, hip hop, ambient & jazz. With frequent selections and deep cuts from friends and fellow producers, these laid back sets are head nodding celebrations of communal talent. Tune in on Thursday nights @ 10pm EST for a trip to the astral plane.

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Los Angeles-based bodyimage will be continuing their conversational broadcasts centering on the emotive power of music, sharing the tracks and insights that are helping to shape their new record. Tune in Mondays @ 9pm EST and get ready to catch some feelings.

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Com Truise

Bringing their show Komputer Cast Live! back around for another pass through of the Blast Radio airwaves, Com Truise is returning with a fresh batch of demos, deep cuts, unreleased material, and choice selections highlighting the constellation of sounds they helped revitalize.

Plus, congratulations to Com Truise for securing one of our three Blast Radio Artist Grants for October. 

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Constant Shapes

It’s rare for a push notification to lead directly to a forest clearing. These improvisational jam session ebbs and flows, awash in shimmering synths, yawning pads, and field recordings mimicking the natural interplay of sounds meandering through air, or being carefully divided through the subtle movement of wings and water. Reminiscent of Wolfgang Voigt’s inorganic bucolic masterpiece Pop, these ambient compositions could dupe a well tuned Turing Test despite being little more than 1’s and 0’s. Tune in for Constant Shapes weekly Monday radio show at 4pm EST.

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Portland, Oregon-based producer and Leaving Records mainstay devonwho's show Radiowho has been steadily heating up since its launch in mid-September. Featuring guest mixes by Antoje and Omari Jazz, favorite track highlights and unreleased music from friends and fellow artists, as well as sneak peaks at upcoming projects, Radiowho is among the forefront of emerging Blast Radio institutions. Tune in on Fridays at 9pm PST for the latest installment.

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Diligent Fingers

Between work as a producer, DJ, vocalist, and label head of Spynal Records, Manchester's Diligent Fingers has a lot of irons in the fire. Adding Blast Radio stalwart to the list of accolades, Diligent Fingers has been hosting weekly drum 'n bass showcases, interviews, and previews to unreleased and upcoming music from across genres. Tune in every Sunday at 4pm EST // 8pm GMT for the Get To Know Showcase, Fiyah Forty mixes, and more jam packed shows to kick back and sink your teeth into.

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Eric Slick

Between playing drums in Dr. Dog and putting out solo LPs under their own name, Eric Slick is kicking off Strange America Radio, a show featuring deep cuts from the American musical zeitgeist, and autobiographical reflections of life behind and beyond the kit. Tune in Friday 11/5 @ 6pm EST for the first episode of Strange America Radio.

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DJ and homegrown Detroiter ERNO, aka ERNO the Inferno, has been spinning weekly get downs on Blast Radio since early summer and is still gaining steam. Featuring up and downtempo selections of techno, house, disco, funk, jazz and everything in between, tune in every Friday night at 6pm EST for eclectic mixes from ERNO's vast stash of vinyl.

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The Field

Loopsmith extraordinaire Axel Willner, aka The Field, continues to reach back into a cache of unreleased studio sessions to share song fragments and experiments, previously sent only to close friends and family. Recorded at odd times over the past 7 years, these sets scan the full spectrum of Willner’s musical palette as if spread across an FM dial. Some stations come through crystal clear, with discernible grooves, vocal samples, and rhythms, while others relish in the reverb and shoegaze-y terrain that often act as a foundation of Willner’s work. Tune in Fridays @ 5pm EST for future installments of A 7-Part Odyssey.

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The Golden Filter

Penelope and Steph, also known as The Golden Filter, will continue to broadcast their weekly show Monochrome, featuring live discussions from their home in Brighton, UK, centered on recent musical discoveries, film, books, and more. Tune in Sundays @ 3pm EST for Monochrome with The Golden Filter.

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John's Little Sister

Join Jessica Sikon of Cleveland, OH-based John's Little Sister for their new show, It’s My Party! Listening Hour with John’s Little Sister, where Sikon will be hosting an intimate listening party of her new EP, Are We Having Fun Yet?, as well as previewing some unreleased and upcoming songs. Tune in @ 7pm EST on Thursday 11/11 for this exclusive sneak peak.

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The Josh Craig

If you haven't been tuning into Rare Grooves and Positive Vibrations every Sunday morning with The Josh Craig, there's no time like the present. The New York-based artist, producer, and renaissance man takes listeners on a weekly cosmic journey through the mind and soul of a true creative visionary. With a deep back catalog and a proven track record spinning everything from techno, soul, and R&B, every show has the same potential as a block of marble. Tune in Sundays at 11am EST and hear how it's done.

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Justin Espada

Selectors Justin Espada and Julia Mukhina take you on a sonic journey into the former Eastern Bloc. Their podcast, The Board of Burisma, is dedicated to post-Soviet music and culture, revealing the often overlooked and unknown creations from Eastern European artists. Tune in @ 1pm EST on Tuesday 11/9 for The Board of Burisma.

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Step into London-based Loverground's bedroom studio as he shares unreleased music, improvises new ideas, and plays some of his favorite tracks and current influences. Tune in at 1pm EST starting November 4th and get ready to cozy up with some homegrown selections.

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Madison Willing

With colder weather on the horizon for many of us in the northern hemisphere, film composer, producer, and pianist Madison Willing is taking a break from their instrument to spin some of their favorite techno to help get the blood flowing. Tune in every Saturday in November for Winter Techno, and remember to dress for the weather, but also the dancefloor.

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Roy Molloy

With an army of lawbreakers and thirst pigs at the ready digging up hot troughs full of song truffles through email and on the show’s Discord, Roy Molloy's Illegal Radio Drive Time Power Hour will be returning in November to get your working week fired up just right. Tune in at 11am EST Monday - Thursday for the most rambunctious and feel-good request show around.

Plus, congratulations to Roy Molloy for securing one of our three Blast Radio Artist Grants for October.

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Making their Blast Radio debut, Los Angeles-based artist and producer Soof will be kicking off with a show dedicated to legendary singer and  "fourth pyramid of Egypt" Om Kalthoum. Plus, thoughts on approaching studio time, production tips, and how to best harness creative energy when it strikes.

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Spencer Tweedy 

Spencer Tweedy’s Drum Diary continues, inviting listeners back into his private drum booth as he practices new beats, revisits favorites, shares music he loves, and philosophizes on rhythm. Tune in Wednesdays for a fresh entry.

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Straight Up Breakbeat

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Straight Up Breakbeat is a label founded by ODJ Dizzy dedicated to releasing the best in modern jungle, drum n' bass, and of course, breakbeat. Tune in on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month for a fresh batch of dubplates to test your headphones. 

Follow ODJ Dizzy / Straight Up Breakbeat

Teen Daze

With their new single "Swimming" getting love across the platform, and new record Interiors slotted for release on December 10th, Teen Daze is keeping the momentum going with fresh episodes of Interior Club Radio every Thursday at 9pm EST. 

Follow Teen Daze, and read more about Interior Club Radio here.

Tom Trago

Discover the broad musical world of Tom Trago with their new show Around the World in 80 Shows with Tom Trago, where each episode will focus on a different slice of musical pie. Whether it's the pioneering electronic sounds of Chicago, the fast-paced groove of Italo Disco, or the eccentric world of avant-garde jazz, expect stories from Tom’s travels and working history, along with guest features from peers bringing deeper knowledge of the culture behind the music. Tune in @ 12:30pm EST on 11/16 for the maiden voyage.

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Manchester-based producer and DJ WDDS will be broadcasting a live set opening for 2manydjs at Concorde 2 in Brighton, UK. Coming armed with a choice selection of favorite breakbeat, garage, and techno records, expect some high-octane output as the night starts revving up.


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And so many more impromptu broadcasts...

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