Notable Broadcasts: Week of 10/18/2021

Here’s a recap of some notable broadcasts from last week.


Returning to the Blast Radio airwaves, bodyimage played and talked about a selection of songs that elicit complex or enigmatic emotions that make you feel: that way. Sustaining a Lynchian note throughout, tracks by Julee Cruise, Chromatics, King Krule, and two cuts from the Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse collaboration Dark Night of the Soul plunged the depths and circuitous connections between love, loss, memory, and the uncanny. Amid the tumult of seasonal change and waning sunshine, bodyimage acted as a guiding light to navigate and define our own internal tempests.

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Dead Gowns

Live from their living room in Portland, Maine, Genevieve Beaudoin of Dead Gowns modeled an intimate solo set after a favorite middle school game—two truths and a lie—by performing 3 songs, “you can find on the internet, and one that you can’t. At least for now.” Though typically a full band, the brightness and strength of Beaudoin’s voice were only heightened by the acoustics, while the gentle reverb and pedal effects added a heft to the guitar that kept pace and flared with the emotional intensity of the performance.

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The Golden Filter

Steph Hindman, one half of The Golden Filter alongside Penelope Trappes, treated listeners to a candid DJ set of current favorites, complete with commentary and musings on music, books, and food. With Trappes away in Glasgow, Hindman’s selections by Lotic, Vanishing Twin, Nala Sinephro, and Tirzah felt achingly prescient. But with a few recordings of Trappes introducing tracks mixed in throughout the set, and the recent purchase of a santoor proving the perfect creative antidote to isolation, this assemblage of pre-recorded and pirate sounds managed to pitch a big tent amidst highly personal experience.

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Justin Depth

Tampa native, Diamond Man member, and half of long-time friend duo Alien House, Justin Myers aka Justin Depth took listeners on a washed out filter tour of favorites, originals, and collaborations that struck a warped if tropical chord. Opening with a cut from their 2020 release Masquerade, the set continued on a laid back pace of airy pads, lo-fi breaks, and 80’s inspired synths from Akasha System and Body-San, among others. After a long journey out, the mix of Alien House joint “Two Million” into Depth’s own Bonobo-inspired track “Cherished” felt like coming home.

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Olivia & Adrian

Partner DJ duo Olivia and Adrian Csanak spun up a brooding and heavily mascaraed set of disco-style darkwave featuring pummelling drums and growling bass synths, but with enough sparkle and schmaltz to avoid eclipsing the glamor. Strike a delicate balance between a horror soundtrack on the runway, and an underground level where Mario eats the wrong mushrooms and you’re imagining the right dancefloor. But despite being masters of a midnight sound, the Csanaks manage to keep the mood light even when the vibes are nocturnal.

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Spencer Tweedy

With a knack for disarming performance and proven prowess in the area of DIY home production, it should come as no surprise that the inaugural episode of Spencer Tweedy’s Drum Diary was a rousing success. But despite demonstrating an immense control over rhythm and time, Tweedy was quick to assert his talent and show were still under construction. Waxing philosophically on everything from the human energy generated when making music together, to unpacking ethical koans on how a person should be, Tweedy dug deep on art, life, and of course, percussion.

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