In conversation with: Miss Tahloulah May

In conversation with: Miss Tahloulah May

Miss Tahloulah May is a modular synthesist and composer that uses DAWless workflow and has a signature sound mixing techno, electro, and hip hop. Originally born in Paramaribo, Surinam, she moved to Holland at the age of 5 and grew up in a music-filled household, birthing her love of the art and the start of her journey analyzing sounds.  

These days, she uses her modular system (nicknamed SapG), drum machines, and live drums to make music. She chose modular synthesis because of the endless creative possibilities, the challenges, and the authenticity it brings.

We recently spoke with Miss Tahloulah May to learn more about her taste, dream dinner guests, and broadcasts. Read on to learn more. 

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Who are your three ideal dinner guests (dead or alive)? 

Sun Ra, because I’d like to pick his brain about his creative journey. He was such an important influence when it comes to the evolution of music. 

J Dilla, because I’d like to discuss his never ending courage to think and create out of the box. He was true to himself and to his art right to the very end. That is something I admire. 

King Britt, because he has so much knowledge to share when it comes to the evolution of music and Afrofuturism. Also he was and still is an exceptional artist. 

How would you describe your art? 

I compose music with my modular system and I make fluid paintings by pouring acrylic paint. Both have aspects which can’t be influenced and are experimental. In both cases you sometimes need to go with the flow. I love that, because it challenges me creatively. In modular it sometimes feels like channeling lightning. 

I would describe my art as ever changing, authentic and full of life. 

How would you describe your broadcasts? 

I love doing jam sessions with my modular system. I plan on broadcasting some of those. So the work I will be sharing will mostly be one take sessions filled with whatever I’m feeling at the moment or with the direction my system wants to go in at that specific time.