18 Examples: Custom Art That Drives Listens

18 Examples: Custom Art That Drives Listens

In any format, custom artwork can be a huge help as you promote your Blast Radio broadcasts on your website, in emails to subscribers, across social media, and throughout physical spaces. You can use a myriad of techniques to communicate the content and spirit of your broadcast with your existing audience, and capture the attention of onlookers, in an instant.

Whether you choose to completely transform the Blast Radio logo, build a collage of images that embody the mood and personality of your radio show, draw and/or paint a flyer, or meticulously assemble a teaser video, broadcasting presents a unique opportunity to flex your design skills in infinite creative ways.

If you’re seeking inspiration, see below for 18 examples of the innovative and eye-catching custom art that we see every day from the Blast Radio community.

Need some help creating assets? Shoot us a note at artistrelations@blastradio.com to learn more.


Imka gave the Blast Radio logo an organic and intricate makeover to illustrate his soundscapes derived from plant life.

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aNTOJE chose to utilize the Blast Radio logo in an offbeat way that conveyed humor and personality to his audience.

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JREDOU_KO animated the Blast Radio logo in a short and atmospheric video that he paired with a selection of original beats.



Palmerainvisible created a variety of square images to accompany his themed broadcasts. He also edited and shared some evocative original videos.

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ARK built a custom graphic for each installment of his weekly show, ARK Radio.

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Roy Molloy

Bridget Langford, a visual artist and Roy Molloy’s wife, painted an original piece that Roy could add messages to when featuring special guests on The Illegal Radio Drive Time Power Hour.

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The Golden Filter

The Golden Filter combined a custom logo for their Blast Radio series, Monochrome, with a number of different backdrops.

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Jenus created custom artwork for multiple uses of Blast Radio broadcasting as himself, with his husband nd_baumecker, and for the duo Barker and Baumecker.

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Oneven maintained a simple yet striking theme throughout the duration of Synth Therapy, his series of ambient broadcasts.

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With the help of fellow artist Foxtradamus, MLTZR shared a flyer for his recurring radio show that features handwritten text and original artwork.

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Com Truise

Com Truise designed a vibrant custom graphic for his featured broadcast, and used the piece as the header image for his profile.

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Alex Olson

Alex Olson asked us to partner with him to make assets for his sound guidance mediation series, Breathe. We used the Blast Radio color palette along with a photo he provided to produce this custom asset.

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Stereo Ferment

Stereo Ferment produced a custom graphic for each episode of Cellar Sessions, featuring images of guest curators as well as handy tracklists.

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Diligent Fingers

Diligent Fingers created a bold and distinctive graphic to represent his weekly Forward Motion Podcast.

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Minaret Records

Minaret Records switched up their custom design to suit each new episode of Minaret Radio.

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The Big Man Restless

The Big Man Restless regularly posted descriptions of his upcoming broadcasts overlaid on top of colorful graphics.

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SoundslikeKunal assembled a promotional image that places radio front and center for the premiere of The Lab Radio.

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Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen collaborated with our team in order to promote his weekly Blast Radio broadcasts with abstract graphics.

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