5 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Blast Radio Following

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Blast Radio Following

Social media is an undeniably valuable tool for spreading the word about your Blast Radio broadcasts and building, not to mention maintaining, a dedicated community of listeners. 

Twitter and Instagram in particular are great places to keep your audience posted on past, current, and future broadcasts. And beyond tweets and posts, there are techniques you can use that have proven to expand broadcasters’ followings on Blast Radio, and enable them to form new connections with fellow creators. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration, read on below.

Announce you’ve joined Blast Radio:

Create and share a tweet, post and/or Instagram story to announce to your followers that you’ve joined Blast Radio. Make sure to: 

  • Include your Blast Radio username and a direct link to your profile where possible 
  • Tell followers why you like Blast Radio and how they can download it 
  • Give a brief description of your upcoming broadcasts
  • Mention your radio show title and the date and time of your next broadcast

Pair your caption with an eye-catching visual -- feel free to design your own, or you can reach out to the Blast Radio artist relations team to have a personalized, branded image sent to you for promotional purposes.

Provide a preview:

Engage your online community by sharing visuals of your setup and/or details about your upcoming broadcasts. 

Whether you’re planning to preview an upcoming release, tell a story from your week, interview a special guest or play a record you’ve unearthed from the vault, let your audience know what to tune in for. While you’re at it, share a behind-the-scenes photo or clip to your social media. The more you express to your followers that they’re invited to an ephemeral special event, the more you can drum up excitement both on and off the Blast Radio airwaves.

Link to your profile:

Direct your audience straight to your Blast Radio profile by linking to it in tweets and Instagram stories.

Since they disappear in 24 hours, stories are a fitting and useful in-the-moment promotional tool for Blast Radio broadcasts. Post an image of you or something that represents your broadcast to announce that you have, are, or will broadcast, and include your unique broadcaster URL in the Instagram link sticker. Change the sticker’s text to something along the lines of “live now” or “follow me on Blast Radio.” For added longevity, share the link on Twitter each time you broadcast -- you can also choose to pin a tweet about your broadcaster profile to keep it at the forefront of your online presence.

Add your Blast Radio URL to your bios and/or Linktree:

You can only add one link to your social media bios, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose. If you’d rather not make the link to your Blast Radio profile the only one your accounts’ visitors can see, use a service like Linktree to compile all of your links into one handy resource. Keeping your broadcaster profile easily accessible will allow listeners to tune in quickly and conveniently, and you should see an increased follower count as a result. It’ll also bring in a wider audience as those experiencing your content in other spaces check out your Linktree page.

Tag Blast Radio!

Tag or mention Blast Radio on social media so that we can share your broadcasting activities with our own enthusiastic and supportive online community.

Check out Broadcaster Tips for more insight on how to grow your following.