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5 Ideas for a Talk Radio Show

Starting a talk radio show, or incorporating your voice into an existing series, is a great way to heighten your engagement on Blast Radio. Talk radio has the invaluable potential to bring humor and a running dialogue to your Blast Radio presence, and can help listeners feel more connected to your content as a result.

Read on for some ideas, guidance, and inspiration for broadcasting your dulcet tones across the Blast Radio airwaves, whether you’re just getting started or looking to branch out.

Alternate between music and talk

If you’ve been exclusively broadcasting music on Blast Radio, now may be the time to insert your voice into the mix. Between tracks, share some anecdotes, favorite lyrics, song introductions, or random musings. Invite guests to join you on air, and have a conversation about your individual and shared experiences with the music you’re about to play.

In the vein of John Peel’s classic Peel Sessions on BBC Radio 1, or any of Shea Stadium’s Blast Radio series, intersperse live performances with lively interviews and commentary. 

More examples: 

  • Karl & Tony’s Radio Show: Friends Regis and Surgeon chat as they take turns playing tracks.
  • bodyimage speaks directly to listeners during conversational themed broadcasts that unpack the meaning of the songs.

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Host a call-in show

A call-in radio show is an excellent avenue by which to engage with your listener base. Take song requests, provide advice, and/or engage in friendly conversation over the phone. Encourage your social media followers to send you questions on Instagram, Twitter, or Discord, and answer them on air.


For more details on some of these broadcasts and help setting up, check out our instructional blog post: How to Do a Call-in Radio Show Using Your Blast Box.

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Share your expertise or passion

Pick a topic – something you’re an expert on or passionate about – and build a show around that concept. From recipes to cleaning tips, audio production techniques to gear reviews, you’ve got a foundation for an ongoing series that you can share with the world.

The easily accessible nature of Blast Radio means that you can spontaneously hop on air at any time. Whether alone as a fireside chat or together with a group of friends, there’s a radio show in your brain ready for the airwaves.

The “My Choice” Awards

Outside of music, there’s plenty of media to discuss and share on a talk radio show. And since the Blast Radio airwaves are a conflict-free zone, you're safe to share your thoughts and/or critiques of any media that has you reaching for the mic.

Penelope and Steph of The Golden Filter, for instance, have utilized their series Monochrome: Radio Transmissions from the Variants as a forum for enthusiastic discussion of literature; visual art; live performances; and films including Lamb (2021), Passionless Moments (1983), and House of Gucci (2021); along with miscellaneous topics like their favorite kinds of chocolate.

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Get creative

We’re always impressed with the innovative ways that the Blast Radio community chooses to make the most of the radio format. An ideal platform for experimentation, broadcasts expire after 24 hours and can be continually reinvented. With the full range of talk radio possibilities in mind, start to devise something entirely your own.

  • Story time: As demonstrated by Orson Welles’ much-discussed radio broadcast, in which he performed H.G. Wells’ novel The War of the Worlds on air, you can easily captivate and transport an audience with words alone. Use Blast Radio to read a poem, short story, or passage from a novel that you love and want to share – voice acting optional. Better yet, write it yourself. Use your radio show to tell a serialized story and keep listeners on the edge of their seats.
  • See the stars: Perhaps you’re interested in astrology – try sharing your knowledge of horoscopes to guide listeners through their day. 
  • Be the meteorologist you want to see: Deliver something new and offbeat, like David Lynch’s iconic and enigmatic daily weather reports.

Wherever you find your inspiration, know that Blast Radio is your space to create.

How to broadcast with a mic and the Blast Radio Desktop App (Mac or Windows):

To brainstorm ideas for your next broadcast with the Blast Radio team, send an email to artistrelations@blastradio.com.

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