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5 Broadcasts You Already Have

While we’ve made it easy to broadcast anything you want with the push of a button, deciding what to share with the Blast Radio community can sometimes be a barrier to entry. But thankfully, it’s all about perspective.

Read below for 5 broadcast ideas that utilize content you already have, and tips on applying it to strengthen your presence on the Blast Radio airwaves.

Archived Mixes, Playlists, Shows

With broadcasts only around for 24 hours, Blast Radio is the perfect avenue for breathing new life into your archived mixes. Whether it’s an iconic festival set or the most important night of your life, sharing archived mixes is an easy way to reach new audiences, and travel back in time through the music.

Or, if you’ve curated sets for one of the many online radio stations, sharing your work on the Blast Radio airwaves allows them to circulate through an entirely different ecosystem, and opens you up to receive vibes and tips from the listening community.

Similar to posting them on sites like SoundCloud or Mixcloud, letting prior sets ripple through the airwaves opens up another opportunity for listeners to discover and engage with your work in real time.

Demo Love

Given that few creations arrive fully formed, new tracks usually require a certain amount of tinkering and experimentation as they approach their final state. Oftentimes, this process can yield countless alternate takes, reworks, and different renditions that largely go unheard, but still carry a deep emotional resonance.

Whether you’re surfacing earlier versions of your work, or highlighting a kernel of a song that bloomed into a fan favorite, sharing demos is a great way to help listeners feel connected to your creative process, and more invested in the development of your sound.

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Live Gigs

With touring slowly picking up again, broadcasting your live performances is another opportunity to reach a global audience. By connecting through your setup, or the venue’s soundboard, each live set can double as a broadcast.

Whether you’re behind the decks or a full jazz band, Blast Radio allows you to share your live energy with audiences everywhere. Plus, since each broadcast is archived on your profile to download as a WAV or MP3 file, it’s a great way to preserve each performance for your own digital archive. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

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Unreleased Tracks

While there are countless reasons for letting art lay dormant, sharing unreleased tracks on the Blast Radio airwaves is a convenient and low-stakes way to tease your potential and gesture at what else you may have in the pipeline. 

Whether you’ve been hoarding tracks, you’ve been engaging in genre/BPM studies, or you just slid a fresh banger out of the oven, sharing your unreleased work with the community is a great way to give it a test run.

You, Yourself, and You

You are a unique and creative person. Each day, you have fresh thoughts, discover new passions, make new art, and continue to strive toward a greater sense of self-actualization. Share your journey on the Blast Radio airwaves and find your fellow travelers.

Whether you’re baring your soul in an audio live journal, writing tracks in real time, or bringing in others from your orbit to share perspectives and talk about the world, there’s no shortage of ways to express yourself through sound. Just take a breath, and press the red button.

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