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We're putting live radio in the hands of audio lovers around the world.


Broadcasts are captured in a lossless format, shared with listeners in the highest possible quality, and can be heard exclusively in the free Blast Radio app for 24 hours before expiring forever.

Ready to start your own radio show?

Read on to become a broadcaster.

As seen in:

Broadcast analog audio with one button

Blast Box

Broadcast any audio source with the press of one button.

Connect Blast Box to your audio source with an RCA cable, then press one button to live broadcast audio to the Blast Radio platform.  


See how Blast Box works:

Broadcast from your DAW

Blast Radio DAW Plugin

Broadcast audio straight from your digital audio workstation (Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic etc.) to the Blast Radio platform.

Install the plugin, add to the master channel of your DAW, and click the button to broadcast.


See how the Blast Radio DAW Plugin works:

Broadcast from your computer

Blast Radio Desktop App

Broadcast most any audio source on your computer straight to the Blast Radio platform.

Install the app, log in, choose your audio input source, and click the button to broadcast.


See how the Blast Radio Desktop App works:

Who's broadcasting:

Alex Cameron

Kevin Morby


Carl Craig

Matthew Dear

Spencer Tweedy

Alex Olson


Roy Molloy


Emily Elhaj



Luke Slater


Black Girl/White Girl


Sam Binga



Com Truise

New Commute

Olive Tonic


Lavender Suarez

Kiara Scuro

Minaret Records

Nikki Nair


Yann Tiersen

Alarm Will Sound

Jesse Hughes

John's Little Sister

M Ross Perkins


self-titled mag

Smiley the Rager

Teen Daze

The Golden Filter

The Field

Tom Trago

Hotwaxx Hale

Lord Pusswhip


Diligent Fingers

Haute to Death

Soul Clap

Blaaq Gold

Miss Tahloulah May

Shea Stadium

Theory Hazit

CPU Records

King Britt

Not sure which product to choose?

We mapped out the most common setups based on what you're trying to broadcast.

Have a great show idea?

We love finding passionate broadcasters. Tell us your great show idea and we will hook you up with free software.

How to broadcast:

Make a profile

Get the free Blast Radio mobile app and create your profile.

Connect audio

Connect your audio source to Blast Box, Blast Radio DAW Plugin, or Blast Radio Desktop App, press one button to broadcast.

You're live

Listeners use the Blast Radio mobile app to find, follow, and listen to you.

Broadcasts are captured in lossless and shared with listeners in the highest possible quality. They're available for 24 hours before expiring (you can download your past broadcasts anytime).

Broadcast anything:

  • Do a talk radio show
  • Take callers
  • Read poetry
  • Complement your blog or newsletter
  • Share demos or archives
  • Promote a tour, album, or event
  • Test or debut new material
  • Perform live
  • Do a DJ set
  • Broadcast a live performance

What broadcasters are saying:

“It’s exciting and fun to have an audio-only platform that can be so spontaneous and spur of the moment. We really like the potential for being able to jump on to share something new, old, planned or improvised, whatever, whenever. I really appreciate the minimal approach to feedback as well. It brings the focus to the broadcasting and the listening. In some ways I feel that actually opens up the door to more intimacy for the performer and for the listener. The value for the player is knowing that someone is listening and for the listener… to just engage and receive the sounds rather than think about how they should or could give feedback."

Deakin of Animal Collective

“I relate to audiences by telling stories through music. The demo is the first draft of what becomes that story. Through this Blast Radio show, I'm hoping to give listeners a look into a side of the story creation process they seldom get to experience. By doing it as a live show that doesn't exist forever, my hope is it creates a special moment that me, my guests, and our listeners can all experience together."

Alex Cameron

"What I have always loved about radio in general is its fleeting nature. Listening to something over the airwaves gives you a sense that the voice coming through the speaker is your companion, living and breathing, sitting at your side. It forces the listener to really listen because once the broadcast is over you're not sure when you'll hear it - if ever - again. I'm happy Blast Radio is bringing back the spirit of the airwaves and encouraging us to tune in and really listen."

Kevin Morby

​​"In an over-packed box of cassettes, there are dozens of tapes that I used to love to listen to in my '96 Astro Van. Climbing the gently rolling flatness of Chicago, I would let 'The Basement Tapes' or 'Silk & Soul' ride. Among those albums are also tapes I made by dubbing music from the radio as a kid growing up in New Orleans. Music from the local r&b and rap station Q93 or 106.7 The End made its way onto those tapes and are etched in my memory. Radio programming should be enriched and encouraged. Blast Radio's platform is putting music in the hands of creators and seekers alike."

Emily Elhaj, Love Lion record label

​​"I’ve long wanted to play drums for people over the internet somehow, but was too nervous to show my ‘drummer face.’ Naturally radio is the answer. The things that made radio mysterious and enchanting in its early form are present in Blast Radio too: the filling in of the blanks in your imagination about the voice on the other side; the curious feeling of “Where is this coming from?” as the audio pops out of your speakers. As a musician, I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to share music fleetingly, without preciousness, and as spontaneously as putting your ear to my practice room window."

Spencer Tweedy

​​"Blast Radio is the premier audio platform, folks. Pure freedom. Flawless, unfettered audio streaming that's easy to access and super smooth to use. Thanks to Blast for making my broadcast dreams come true."

Roy Molloy

“On Blast Radio, I can broadcast what I care about right now, and do so in an environment built for high resolution audio - where it sounds great, isn’t restricted by low res algorithms, and isn’t competing against a world of curated selfies and cat videos.”

Carl Craig

“I’m always searching for ways to connect with fans. Whether I’m jamming in the studio or playing a DJ set, I need an effortless way to broadcast my music, instantly. Blast Radio has now made that process extremely simple.”

Matthew Dear

“I’m constantly creating, listening to, and playing new music. The simplicity of pressing one button to share that music is an amazing concept. Then add the premium sound quality and this is a game changer. Because the content disappears in 24 hours, I'm comfortable sharing works-in-progress or unreleased material and letting listeners come on the journey with me.”


"With so many musicians working together to create music, there's a lot of evolution that happens even from one rehearsal to the next. In the past, we've opened rehearsals to the public and received great feedback from listeners that want to share in the process of our creation. We're excited to use Blast Radio to give that same experience to more people around the world."

Alan Pierson, Artistic Director/Conductor, Alarm Will Sound.

From the blog:

5 Examples: Recurring Shows on Blast Radio

Hosting a recurring show is the most reliable way to build and consistently grow a community of dedicated Blast Radio listeners. Whether you’re presenting new material, conversing and collaborating with special guests, or sharing classic tracks in innovative contexts, a series of broadcasts will keep your audience invested in what’s to come.

Premiering new material on your station

A great way to use your Blast Radio station is to debut new material. Just as if you were going on a national radio tour or pitching press, you can drive excitement, ticket sales, streams, or purchases by giving listeners a first listen to your new single, mix, EP, or LP.

Read the blog for 5 steps to do a debut on Blast Radio + 15 examples from artists that have done it well.

How to do a call in radio show with Blast Box

This format is a great way to engage with other interesting people, while giving audiences an opportunity to listen in. Read examples form other broadcasts and sim

BlaaqGold on the beat

With equal parts studio session and masterclass, DJ and producer BlaaqGold tested their beat skills on the Blast Radio airwaves by approaching some new vinyl cops like a sculptor hitting a fresh block. Chopping up samples from No Stranger to Love by Roy Ayers, The Black-Man’s Burdon by Eric Burdon and War, and the virtuosic guitar stylings of Earl Klugh, BlaaqGold took listeners through their creative process, and highlighted how so much of inspiration is rooted in patience and methodical repetition.

18 Examples: Custom Art that Drives Listens

Custom artwork can be a huge help as you promote your Blast Radio broadcasts on your website, in emails to subscribers, across social media, and throughout physical spaces. See 18 examples of eye-catching custom art from Blast Radio broadcasters.

John's Little Sister: A listening party

Jessica Sikon, aka Cleveland, OH’s John’s Little Sister invited listeners over for their new show, It’s My Party! Listening Hour with John’s Little Sister where Sikon played through their new EP, Are We Having Fun Yet? and provided commentary and insight into its creation.