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Blast Radio DAW Plugin

Broadcast audio from the master channel of your DAW (Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic etc.) with one button.


As seen in:

Broadcast audio straight from your digital audio workstation (Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic etc.) to the Blast Radio platform.

Install the plugin, add to the master channel of your DAW, and click the button to broadcast.

Quality Sound

Broadcasts on Blast Radio are uploaded to the cloud as lossless .wav files and delivered to users in the highest possible quality.

Download & Reuse Broadcasts

Listeners can only hear your broadcast for 24 hours before it expires, but you can always download the lossless .wav file from your profile to use however you like.

Creative Freedom

All broadcasts dissapear after 24 hours so you're free to be creative and not worry about the recording living on forever. Audio only platforms means no need for cameras, lighting, or looking cool.  

Listeners & Followers

Listeners hear your broadcasts in the free Blast Radio mobile app. After you make a profile and broadcast, they can tune in from the home page or by searching for your username or genre #tags. Anyone that follows you will get a push notification every time you broadcast.

Radio Mode

Radio Mode makes it easy to discover broadcasters. After launching Radio Mode, listeners can scroll through broadcasts until they find a broadcaster they want to listen to & follow (you?).

Fan Mail

Listeners can send you Fan Mail, which is a single personalized message included with a monetary tip. You can then respond to give them a shareable asset they can save, send to friends, or post on their social channels, which brings more attention to your broadcasts.

What broadcasters are saying

Matthew Dear

“I’m always searching for ways to connect with fans. Whether I’m jamming in the studio or playing a DJ set, I need an effortless way to broadcast my music, instantly. Blast Radio has now made that process extremely simple.”

Carl Craig

“On Blast Radio, I can broadcast what I care about right now, and do so in an environment built for high resolution audio - where it sounds great, isn’t restricted by low res algorithms, and isn’t competing against a world of curated selfies and cat videos.”


“I’m constantly creating, listening to, and playing new music. The simplicity of pressing one button to share that music is an amazing concept. Then add the premium sound quality and this is a game changer. Because the content disappears in 24 hours, I'm comfortable sharing works-in-progress or unreleased material and letting listeners come on the journey with me.”

Compatible with most any DAW:

Installer comes with VST, VST3, AAX, and AudioUnit to ensure compatibility with most any DAW on the market.

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