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Promote your audio streams with visual audiograms

If you’re a streamer on Blast Radio (or thinking about becoming one) then you likely know that audio is your superpower. You’re able to harness the power of sound to capture your audience’s attention – be that through your voice, your music, captured sound, or otherwise.

That said, you’ve likely also got a presence on visual platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter – networks where you’ve built a following and stay in touch with your audience through photo and video.

Audiograms are the perfect tool for merging those two worlds – highlighting a portion of your audio content in a visually appealing way.

Read on for a few examples of audiograms and an overview of four vendors for creating your own.

Audiogram examples

Real Estate Happens: This audiogram pulls the audio of a short interview clip overlaid with the Blast Radio logo, the streamer's profile in the Blast Radio app, and a photo of the streamer in his home studio.

Zola Jesus: This audiogram pulls the audio of Zola's introduction to her radio series. It uses visuals of the Blast Radio logo, the streamer's profile in the Blast Radio app, and a photo of her album art, which was the focus of the stream.

Shea Stadium: This audiogram pulls audio from an interview stream with visuals of the Blast Radio logo, the streamer's profile in the Blast Radio app, and a press photo the streamers already have available.

3 Tips for creating good audiograms

Whichever tool you use, follow these three steps when creating your audiograms and you're sure to end up with a great promo tool.

1. Use consistent design: Plan ahead by mapping out a design that matches your brand. Use the same design elements (visuals, logos, colors) to create repetition that viewers will associate with you and your streams.

2. Create different size variations: The platform where you will post should determine which size you should create. For example, use a 1:1 size ratio for Instagram grid posts and a 9:16 size ratio for Instagram stories. If your audiogram content matches the native size format of the platform where you post, it will help it blend in and capture the attention of viewers.

3. Promote your profile with the audiogram: Whenever you post, make sure to include your unique Blast Radio URL ( so viewers can click through to follow you and tune in to future streams.

4 Tools for easily creating audiograms

Canva is an all around design tool that's gained popularity for it's easy-to-use interface and flexible design tools.

Capable of combining photo, gif, video, and audio components -- it does a pretty solid job at creating audiogram style graphics to share on social. The three examples above were all created using Canva.

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Audiogram, reel, and wavve are all solutions made specifically for creating these promo visuals from audio content.

They each vary slightly in pricing and feature sets, but operate pretty similarly -- you upload your audio file, clip it to the section you want to promote, use photo and design elements to create the visual, then export the project as a video that can be uploaded to your website or social platforms.  

The big differentiator between these tools and a design tool like Canva is the ability to seamlessly add captions. All three of these services have voice recognition capabilities to automatically transcribe your audio clip into on-screen text, which can be helpful for platforms like Instagram where followers may not have their audio turned on.

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