PLAYBOOK: Premiering new material on your Blast Radio station, with real examples

PLAYBOOK: Premiering new material on your Blast Radio station, with real examples

A great way to use your Blast Radio station is to debut new material.

Just as if you were going on a national radio tour or pitching press, you can drive excitement, ticket sales, streams, or purchases by giving listeners a first listen to your new single, mix, EP, or LP.

Read on for 5 steps to do a debut on Blast Radio + 15 examples from artists that have done it well.

5 Steps for premiering new material on Blast Radio

1. Choose a broadcast style: Episode or series

Single broadcast: Talk + play the release

3 or 5 part series:

  • Have a special guest join -- maybe a collaborator to discuss the process behind the compositions.
  • Perform a track live.
  • Share demos or mixes that inspired the album’s creation.
  • Use our DAW plugin to highlight portions of the track and talk about how they were made.

2. Set up your profile to promote the broadcast and release

Bio: Change your profile bio to include the date, time, and discription of your premiere broadcast.

Promo Link: Change the promotional link on your profile to go to a ticket page or the website where someone can purchase the release you're premiering.

3. Promote yourself

For all promotion - make sure to use your unique profile URL: blastradio(dot)com/YourUsername

Send an email: If you have an email newsletter, that’s a perfect channel to drive excitement for your broadcast. Send an email a week in advance and encourage your fans to download Blast Radio and follow you.

Post on permanent social channels: In advance of your broadcast, post to permanent channels like your Instagram Wall, Twitter, and Facebook. Tell users about your upcoming broadcast and encourage them to download Blast Radio + follow you.

Post on real-time social channels: The morning of your broadcast and at the time it goes live, post to real-time channels such as Twitter and Instagram stories.

4. Get support from your team

If you work with a manager, publicist, label, or marketing team -- tell them about your broadcasts so they can help promote.

If your team wants to collaborate on promo ideas, have them get in touch!

Also, let your collaborators know – producer, cowriters, tour mates, sessions musicians etc. The more folks that share your news, the more listens you will get!

5. Let us help promote

We also want to help you promote!

Make sure to submit yourself to our broadcast calendar.

We review all submissions and pull out select ones to be featured in the app + promoted in our newsletter and on social.

Tag us in your social posts so we can reshare!

15 examples of artists that have premiered material on Blast Radio

Sontag Shogun premiered their new album with Lau Nau, Valo Siroutuu, on the day it came out.

They played the record front to back, complemented with unreleased material from the recording session and a conversation discussing the album-making process.

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Purchase Valo Siroutuu 

Shea Stadium premiered Desaparecidos: Live at Shea Stadium a day before the album dropped. Shea founder and album producer, Adam Reich, talked about the record then played it in its entirety as an advance listen.

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Purchase Desaparecidos: Live at Shea Stadium

Ryan Egan gave fans an advance listen to his debut album, Soft Power. He narrated the entire broadcast as he played the record, unreleased studio material, live sessions, and demos.

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Purchase Soft Power

Fracture gave fans a preview of his upcoming Omura release with Sam Binga a full month before the record drops. As written by Resident Advisor, “Omura explores electro, acid and minimal textures across ten tracks. Drawing on the influences of Drexciya and The KLF, the record was made using chords from 30 year-old digital synths. It will be released digitally and on double-vinyl on April 22nd via Fracture's label, Astrophonica.”

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Purchase: Album released April 22

Blast Radio regular, Thirty Minute Jams, invited Laurent Garnier to do a drop-in set featuring material from the Together for Ukraine album project, which benefits the relief effort in Ukraine.

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Purchase Together for Ukraine

aNTOJE, the Idiosyncratic Montreal-based producer and beatmaker celebrated the release of his new album, Null Data, available now on Leaving Records, with a broadcast of new cuts and arrangements that reflect aNTOJE’s headspace around the release.

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Purchase Null Data

As promotion for his upcoming Interior album release, Teen Daze debuted his single "Swimming" live on Blast Radio and hosted an interview with Joel Ford who produced the entire album.

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Purchase Interior

Jessica Sikon of John's Little Sister hosted a listening party to hear her latest EP, Are We Having Fun Yet?, playing the EP in its entirety as well as some unreleased singles, upcoming songs, and a live acoustic performance.

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Purchase Are We Having Fun Yet?

Kenny Becker, or better known as Goon, debuted his EP, Paint by Numbers, Vol. 1, a day before its release, and complimented the session with songs that inspired its creation.

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Purchase Paint by Numbers, Vol. 1

Gābi debuted her, Andrew Barren, and Sard’s EP, Misery Breaks, and used the broadcast as an opportunity to discuss and bring awareness to injustices she's experienced in the music industry.

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SmileyTheRager played his new album, Altered States of Consciousness, in full and discussed the creative process behind it, including how microdosing psilocybin mushrooms played an integral role in the creation.

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Purchase Altered States of Consciousness

Matthew Ryals hosted a listening party for his newest album, Voltage Scores, going into detail discussing how each track was made, covering the mixture of generative process and improvisation that went into them, and taking questions via Instagram DMs and email.

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Purchase Voltage Scores

AirPark elected to share some working demos, as well as dissect a selection of tracks that make up the terroir of their forthcoming release. The duo told stories and broke down their heartfelt, psychedelic twang, as well as their best techniques for getting all the right feelings to coalesce.

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Roy Molloy used his daily drive-time radio show to promote the release of his and Alex Cameron’s new release, Oxy Music. During the show, he played multiple singles from the record, promoted their upcoming European tour, and engaged in live conversation via his Discord channel.  

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In advance of its release, The Album Leaf streamed his compilation One Day XX, which includes material from his old catalog from the 2000s and 4 brand new tracks in a celebration for the reissue of his In an Off White Room EP from 2001.

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