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Find and Follow Broadcasters with Discover Cards

On Blast Radio you can hear directly from artists around the world, each broadcasting their own selections of tracks, demos, live performances, radio shows, archives and more. 

Now, it’s even easier to find and follow broadcasters you might not be familiar with through Discover Cards. 

Following broadcasters is a great way to support artists. You will then be notified when they broadcast so you can tune in, send vibes, and send tips. 

With Discover Cards, you will see a selection of broadcasters you don’t follow. On the card, you can learn about the broadcaster, listen to a preview of their broadcast, and follow them to never miss future broadcasts. 

There are two places you to find Discover Cards in the Blast Radio app: 

  • On the home page you will see a small red icon next to the ‘top broadcasts’ section 
  • From a tag page (go to search, select tags, pick one, choose the red icon on the top right) 

If you’re a broadcaster, make sure you’ve added tags to your profile to take advantage of this feature and gain followers.

If you don't see Discover Cards, make sure you've updated to the most recent version of the Blast Radio app. 

What a Discover Card looks like:

Blast Radio Discover Card

Where to find Discover Cards in the Blast Radio app:

Finding Discover Cards on the Blast Radio app

Make sure you've uploaded tags and images to your profile to increase likelihood of being discovered: 

Blast Radio Corbu profile