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Blast Radio Tag Stations

Today, we’re excited to release Tag Stations in the free Blast Radio mobile app.

You can now follow the #Tag for any specific broadcast category you like (#Jazz, #Comedy, #hiphop, #news) to have a station created on your homepage, which only features broadcasters using that tag.

Soundtrack the moment by tuning in to a station that matches the mood:

  • Yoga session? Try #ambient  
  • Cooking dinner? Maybe try some #jazz
  • In the mode for something new? Try #FavoriteNewMusic 

If you’re a broadcaster, make sure to update your profile with tags that describe your broadcasts! This is an easy way to build a following and get discovered by new listeners.

Find tags you want to follow from the search menu or by exploring the Top Tags section on the home page of the Blast Radio app.

Don't have the app yet? Join the party:

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