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Blast Radio Artist Grants October 2021: Roy Molloy, Animal Collective, and Com Truise

When Blast Radio launched back in June, creators were introduced to a new platform to share work and connect with listeners, away from the pomp and posturing of social media. By centering the communal experience of listening together, we hoped to create a space that was safe and stress-free for makers and audiences decoupled from the debasing spectacle of media self-awareness.

But our platform is nothing without the artists who help give it contour and life. By introducing our Blast Radio Artist Grant program, we wanted to give back to the broadcasters who help make Blast Radio a dynamic and engaging community. 

We are thrilled to announce Roy Molloy, Animal Collective, and Com Truise as the recipients of Blast Radio Artist Grants for the month of October, 2021.

Roy Molloy

Grant Amount: $1,000

Beginning as the voice of The Illegal Radio Show before hitting a stride with The Illegal Radio Drive Time Power Hour, Roy Molloy has become a pillar of the Blast Radio community by helming one of the most rambunctious and feel-good request shows. With an army of 'lawbreakers' and 'thirst pigs' digging up hot troughs full of song truffles through email and on the show’s Discord, the community around Illegal Radio has come to act as a bulwark against the forces that drive people to seek music in the first place.

Tune in to The Illegal Radio Drive Time Power Hour Monday-Thursday @ 11am EST.

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Animal Collective

Grant Amount: $300

After laying down a series of rehearsals at Drop of Sun Studios in Asheville, NC, Animal Collective have been sharing their findings and preparations exclusively with the Blast Radio Community. With a reputation for germinating new ideas on the road, and a new album on the way, fans are clamoring to witness each moment of these unheard sessions.

Animal Collective will be donating their Blast Radio Artist Grant to NOISE FOR NOW, a national initiative that enables artists and entertainers to connect with and financially support grassroots organizations that work in the field of Reproductive Justice.

Tune in to Animal Collective’s Drop of Sun Sessions, Wednesdays @ 5pm EST.

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Com Truise

Grant Amount: $200

With their show Komputer Cast Live! Com Truise invited listeners into the kaleidoscopic world of their favorite sounds. Featuring deep cuts from their back catalog, demos, unreleased music, as well as selections from their immense knowledge of funk, synth, and library music, listeners were left with a new appreciation for the totality of Com Truise as an artist and appreciator.

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Blast Radio Artist Grants for November 2021 are currently available. Broadcasters can qualify for a grant by simply broadcasting throughout the month. Listeners can download Blast Radio (iOS / Android), follow, and tune in to artists to help them secure financial support.

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