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Blast Radio Artist Grants November 2021: Roy Molloy, Animal Collective, and Teen Daze

With another solid month of broadcasts behind us, it’s once again time to take stock and honor some of the artists who help make Blast Radio a dynamic and engaging community. Whether it’s through the music you play, the creativity you share, or the vulnerability you risk to be heard, our platform is nothing without the artists who help give it contour and life.

That being said, we’re thrilled to announce Roy Molloy, Animal Collective, and Teen Daze as the recipients of the Blast Radio Artist Grants for the month of November, 2021.

Roy Molloy

Grant Amount: $1,000

Roy Molloy’s Illegal Radio Drive Time Power Hour continued its dominance of the Blast Radio airwaves through the sheer will and tenacity of its fans and fearless conductor. Roy rose to the top of the charts through his wildly entertaining material, continuous promotion, and ongoing community building. 

Going live over two dozen times, Roy celebrated Alex Cameron’s new single “Sara Jo” to uproarious fanfare, hosted special guests like Emily Panic, and never wavered on his commitment to building a flawless playlist of listener-generated request radio.  

Roy’s efforts in building a community for this channel are unmatched. From his daily Instagram story videos kicking off his show to his personal moderation of a lively Discord channel, listeners feel like they are part of the show.

Roy Molloy remains the one to watch out for in December, on and off the platform.

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Animal Collective

Grant Amount: $300

With the announcement of their new album Time Skiffs, and a supporting tour on the horizon in 2022, Animal Collective continued to invite listeners into their ever-expanding world with more glimpses into their creative process. 

Known for their improvisational approach to song craft, their enthusiastic fan base was energized by the weekly drip of new rehearsal and jam sessions that shed light on their current headspace.

To change it up, the group posted an Instagram story asking fans to submit questions for Deakin to respond to on air. He chose a selection of them and hosted an illuminating 30-minute live Q&A session giving listeners an intimate look into stories behind the album, band, touring, and life during a pandemic. 

As always, Animal Collective kept the Blast Radio community rapt with another transfixing series of engaging and interactive broadcasts.

Animal Collective will be donating their Blast Radio Artist Grant to NOISE FOR NOW, a national initiative that enables artists and entertainers to connect with and financially support grassroots organizations that work in the field of Reproductive Justice.

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Teen Daze

Grant Amount: $200

Fresh off the release of their single “Swimming” and with their new record Interior slated to drop on 12/10, Teen Daze has been a frequent presence on the Blast Radio airwaves. 

Between hosting their weekly show Interior Club Radio to build momentum towards the coming release, to leading impromptu journeys through their record collection, to fostering relationships with listeners through their Discord and other broadcasters across the community, Teen Daze has become an essential node in the Blast Radio ecosystem.

With new and unreleased music always in the pipeline for the Interior Club Radio community, Teen Daze never fails to engage and deliver whenever they hit the red button.

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Blast Radio Artist Grants for December 2021 are currently available. Download Blast Radio (iOS / Android), follow, and tune in to your favorite artists to help them secure financial support.

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