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Blast Radio Artist Grants March 2022: Yann Tiersen, Hotwaxx, Roy Molloy, Paul Dufrene, ASC, and Selectress Iriela

In September, we announced a plan to close out the (admittedly rough) year with a three-month Artist Grants program to show support to some of the many broadcasters doing such amazing broadcasts and helping build the Blast Radio community. 

At the end of the series, we continued seeing so many new and exciting faces popping up on the platform, we decided to add a bonus three month period, which included a ‘production grant’ category.  

As we’re closing out the final month of this program, we want to give a huge thanks to all of the participants. We’ve loved reading the submissions and seeing so many incredible broadcasts come to life. We can’t wait to hear what each of you continues to share with the listening community.  

Whether it’s through the music you play, the creativity you share, or the vulnerability you risk by being heard, Blast Radio is nothing without the artists who help give it contour and life.

That being said, we’re excited to announce Yann Tiersen, Hotwaxx, Roy Molloy, Paul Dufrene, ASC, and Selectress Iriela as the recipients of our March Blast Radio Artist Grants.

Yann Tiersen

Grant Amount: $1000

Renowned producer and composer Yann Tiersen continued to transport listeners to the Eskal – a multi-room studio, performance space, and cultural center converted from a once-vacant discotheque – that has become Tiersen’s creative hub for a series of weekly and impromptu broadcasts.

With his ongoing Saturday show, My Studio Is a Disco, an homage to parties past where the last track of each set becomes the first track in the next, Tiersen has been embracing the solitude of winter with additional ambient and deep listening sets that aim to take a break from the relentless pulse of the dancefloor.  

Ready to dip into the pool of Eskal? You’re in luck – Yann is hosting a three-day modular weekend at his state of the art home studio and broadcasting much of it. Tune in for performances from him as well as guests including Daniel Miller, Sunroof, Felix Classen, François Joncour, and more. 

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Grant Amount: $300

The godmother of house music, Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale brought the Blast Radio community another month of stunning broadcasts. 

Broadcasting more than 35 times, Hale worked some powerful ‘International Women’s Month’ themed broadcasts into her regular programming of mixes and selections from her vast personal collection of curated tunes. 

A couple noteworthy moments: 

  • In her two-part series, “Women in Music: Detroit,” Hale was joined by special guests Piper Carter and Pilar Cote and featured music produced exclusively by women of the city with deep musical roots. In addition to some killer selections, the crew held discussions on topics like hybrid technology, going virtual, and how those moments impact them as artists. 
  • Last night, as the final broadcast in our International Women's Month series, Hale broadcast "Daughters of Betty," with poet, screenwriter, recording artist, film producer, and founder of Black Women Rock, Jessica Care Moore. During the show, the two had a lively discussion and played rock music created exclusively by women.  

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Roy Molloy

Grant Amount: $200

A staple of the Blast Radio airwaves, Roy Molloy has been a missed presence over the past few weeks as his tour with Alex Cameron to promote their recent release of Oxy Music has taken him around the world from his home in Brooklyn. 

Still yet, Roy climbed his way through the listener charts this month with nearly a dozen episodes of the Illegal Radio Drive Time Power Hour. 

As always, Roy kept the lawbreakers on the edge of their seats with his wildly entertaining request radio show.

Be safe on the road, Roy! Hope to hear from you once you’re home safe. 

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Paul Dufrene

Grant Amount: $150

If you didn’t read about Paul Dufrene in our Notable Broadcasts recap a couple weeks ago, here’s a snippet of that post to give you a taste of what he’s been cooking up live from Louisiana:

“His new morning show taking listeners through the interlocking tributaries of a wide variety of musical genres. Living up to the promise of daily broadcasts, Dufrene’s mixes include everything from psychedelic folk, to ‘60s garage rock, to early doo-wop and R&B, to cosmic and outlaw country; and with enough roots, dub, exotica, and tropicalia sprinkled in, the varied yet vibes-based asethetic is all-encompassing in both its scope and possibility, leaving listeners poised for what could be next in the rotation.” 

If you haven’t been tuning in, don’t fret, there’s much more to come. Paul is now hosting three shows a week: Maison Dufrene on Monday mornings and Wednesday nights, and Dime Store Radio (an all country show) every Sunday. 

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Grant Amount: $100

One of the earliest broadcasters on Blast Radio and a listener favorite, we were very pleased to see ASC show up on this month’s charts. 

The British electronic music producer, film composer, label owner, and green tea aficionado made a glorious return to the airwaves this month with 5 broadcasts, including one that clocked in at a whopping 228 minutes. 

Bringing a different flavor to the traditional DNB sound, ASC’s deep techno and ambient inspired broadcasts bring the same driving energy, but with an atmospheric tone. 

In response to a fan comment on his Instagram, ASC said, “The point of these shows is so I can play brand new exclusive music you can’t hear anywhere else and for the listener to catch it live.” May we all be so lucky to catch more of these exclusive moments.  

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Selectress Iriela

Production Grant Amount: $250

Selectress Iriela has become another staple of the Blast Radio airwaves, delighting listeners with her ongoing ‘Second World Sessions.” 

In addition to her regular programming featuring a mix of reggae, dub, and hip-hop roots to raw techno and soulful house rocking the underground of Detroit, New York City, Cairo, Rio, Berlin, Johannesburg and far beyond, she also participated in our ‘International Women’s Month’ series with two special broadcasts: 

  • The Baddest Bitch in the Room: Featuring special selections from women producers, artists, and instrumentalists across the world   
  • Sex positivity & The Divine Feminine: Featuring special selections that embody sex positivity from the Divine Feminine point of view. 

We’re thrilled to award her with the Blast Radio Production grant and can’t wait to hear upcoming editions of Second World Sessions. 

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