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Blast Radio Artist Grants December 2021: Roy Molloy, nd_baumecker, and DJ Darryl G; 3 New Grants Now Available

With another solid month of broadcasts behind us, it’s once again time to take stock and honor some of the artists who help make Blast Radio a dynamic and engaging community. 

Whether it’s through the music you play, the creativity you share, or the vulnerability you risk to be heard, Blast Radio is nothing without the artists who help give it contour and life.

As a reminder: 
  • Grant recipients are determined democratically by the Blast Radio community, based on total listener count at the end of each month. 
  • The artists with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd highest listener counts receive $1,000, $300, and $200, respectively.* 
  • The program is specifically built to help artists; so venues, pre-programmed radio stations, blogs, and Blast Radio employees are not eligible to receive grants.

But before we jump into the requisite accolades for our grant recipients, we’re thrilled to announce the continuation of our Blast Radio Artist Grant Program for the months of January, February, and March, that will feature a few additional opportunities:

  • For January, February, and March, we’re adding additional grants for the artists with the 4th and 5th highest listenership to receive $150 and $100 respectively. 
  • We’re also adding a Production Grant to assist one artist with kicking off or improving their Blast Radio broadcasts. 

That being said, we have the pleasure to announce Roy Molloy, nd_baumecker, and DJ Darryl G as the recipients of the Blast Radio Artist Grants for the month of December, and our last Artist Grants for 2021.

Roy Molloy

Grant Amount: $1,000

Roy Molloy’s Illegal Radio Drive Time Power Hour continued its dominance of the Blast Radio airwaves through the sheer will and tenacity of its fans and fearless conductor. Roy rose to the top of the charts through his wildly entertaining material, breathless promotion, and ongoing community building. 

Going live over two dozen times, Roy kept the conversational spark alive in his Discord by posing daily questions to his rambunctious listeners, hosted fellow Blast Radio broadcaster bodyimage for another accomplished interview, and continued to deliver on his promise of flawless listener-generated request radio.  

Roy’s efforts in fostering a community around his channel remain unparalleled. From his daily Instagram story videos announcing each broadcast, to his personal moderation of a lively Discord channel, his listeners are right in feeling like they’re part of the show.

Follow Roy Molloy


Grant Amount: $300

Heading into another unpredictable winter, nd_baumecker seized the opportunity afforded by club closures to play the gracious host, and take the party home.

From recreating the feeling of Berghain’s Panorama Bar with husband and DJ partner Jenus under the banner Innen+Aussen, to calling up friends and fellow Panorama bastions Steffi and The Blessed Madonna to recount their favorite moments behind the decks, to sharing unreleased collaborative work with fellow Ostgut Ton, dub techno traveller Barker, nd_baumecker’s broadcasts always offer listeners a unique glimpse into the life and experiences of a true Berlin techno stalwart.

As the hallmarks of these unprecedented times continue to assert a ‘new normal’ for the dance music community, nd_baumecker’s broadcasts are a welcomed reorientation towards the music that defines our favorite venues.

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Clubbing From Home: nd_baumecker and Jenus Phone Some Friends - read more.

DJ Darryl G

Grant Amount: $200

DJ Darryl G is no stranger to the airwaves. Having cut his teeth during the golden years of WDRQ in Detroit, transitioning onto Blast Radio was a natural move for a seasoned broadcaster who knows his way around a mixer.

Since joining the community in late October, DJ Darryl G has been a near-daily presence, serving up wide-ranging sets and sharing his vast knowledge of jazz, R&B, house, and hip-hop with audiences yearning for a human touch behind their listening.

By championing the interwoven legacy of these genres, DJ Darryl G’s perseverance proved paramount to building a dedicated community around his selections, and preserving a sonic heritage beyond the FM dial.

Follow DJ Darryl G

Blast Radio Artist Grants for January 2022 are currently available. Download Blast Radio (iOS / Android), follow, and tune in to your favorite artists to help them secure financial support.

*Anyone found in violation of community guidelines will not be eligible for an Artist Grant and is subject to permanent ban from the platform. 

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