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Blast Box: Firmware 2.0 with improved Stream Stability

We're constantly working to improve the Blast Radio app and the Blast Box device. 

We learned a lot about connectivity with our first editions of firmware (1.0, 1.1) and have been actively working to resolve common issues that would cause a broadcast to drop data or glitch. 

Today, we’re excited to release Blast Box firmware 2.0. 

With 2.0, you can be more confident in getting a consistent quality stream – even in situations with lower bandwidth such as while broadcasting from a venue. 

Read on for more detail on the improvements and how to update. 

Improvements in firmware 2.0:


  • Increased the amount of on-device data storage and buffering to prevent data loss and decrease any glitching on broadcasts 

Updates to on-device messaging: 

  • Now shows the word ‘connecting’ after you press the red button to start broadcast / before the 3-second broadcast countdown 
  • Now flashes the words ‘BAD WIFI!’ if you have a poor Wifi connection  

How to update your firmware:

  • Download the latest version of the Blast Radio app (App store / Google Play store)
  • Put Blast Box in Setup mode* 
  • Go to your profile in the Blast Radio app
  • Tap the gear icon on the top right to access ‘Settings’
  • Tap ‘Account’
  • Tap ‘Update Firmware’


* To put Blast Box in Setup mode, hold the red button to turn it off, then hold it again to turn it back on, but continue holding it until the device says ‘Setup Mode’

* While updating, your blast box will display “FW Update” pulsing on the screen. If the text does NOT pulse or stops pulsing, the update has frozen and will not complete. If this happens, restart the process by long pressing the red button to turn off the device and again to turn it on again in Setup mode.

* The device may not show any error messages if it abandons the update, so make sure to check that the firmware has successfully displays “2.0.0” on startup to confirm that you have successfully updated the firmware, otherwise reattempt.

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